Sunday, December 5, 2010

Rating The Midwood Bakeries Again

I came back to write this post since I assumed you all loved reading my adventures from bakery to bakery enjoy the post.

Yes once again I'm rating the bakeries of Midwood (see how I just rephrased the title). I pay the price so you don't get it wrong when it comes to your big event, and the only job you had to do was bring the Sufganiot (Israeli styled jelly doughnuts). This year has been a little tough on my taste buds with two place that Ive never tried both being disappointments.

Rose Bakery on kingshighway and east 7Th (not to be confused with the kingshighway bakery on kingshighway and east 4Th which is heavenly) was one of those disappointments. At a dollar a piece this sufgania had a bland tasting dough, with literally a teaspoon of jelly in the middle. The official rating from 1 out of 10 is a four (that's right my ratings are copyright).

The next failure was so bad that I couldn't bring myself to finish the sufgania. Now I have been from Boro Park to the deepest parts of Midwood and there hasn't been one place that I couldn't finish the jelly filled delicacy, but VENETIAN KOSHER SWEETS on the corner of N and Coney Island avenue, you took that away from me today. It was simply so bad that my whole family left it in disgust. The jelly tasted like some weird thick concoction and the dough itself was bland. At a dollar fifty a piece this place makes Rose Bakery look great. The official rating is 1 don't go near this, you've been warned.

Happy Hanuka to all, now I'm going to scrape the taste off my tongue with some home made latkes.

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frum single female said...

welcome back to the blog world mike. just when i thought your blogging days were over you come out with a new post. about food no less. im more of a latke girl myself, but i liked the sufganiot at weiss's bakery on avenue m. they make a caramel filed one which is delish.

Chaim said...

Touro College gives out jelly donuts on Chanuka, and I think they might have some tomorrow (if you manage to slip by the guard). One year there was so much jelly in the middle that it would just ooze out with every bite. All of the floors in the building were covered in jelly. The next year they gave jelly donuts with no jelly!

Mikeinmidwood said...

Frum Single Female

My blogging days are behind me, its good to come back to it for a post or two.


Youre just going to have to get me in

Anonymous said...

Mike - Do any bakeries have:

1) Milchig Custard sufganiyot?;
2) Milchig Caramel sufganiyot?

or pareve of the two above?

Mikeinmidwood said...


You can walk into basically any kosher bakery and they will have custard forsure, im not so sure about caramel being found everywhere. pareve and milchig depends on the place, i wouldnt know which stores have which, i assume most would have pareve.

Jacob Da Jew said...

Yossi's in BP has the best caramel donuts and Chiffons Cake Center has the best jelly donuts.

Flatbush Takeout has the best latkes- major heartburn but oh so good.

Anonomis for obvious reasons the internet is a dangerous place said...

listen here buddy. the custom of earing jelly doughnuts o Chanukah goes back a long time. if you think that you ca bash any sort of doughnut for its taste thnn know this: you can say whatever you want but when it comes down to it you and i both Know that you are wrong

Anonymous said...

listen here "anonomis", first of all spell anonymous right. 2nd, this is all opinions. there is no right or wrong. and mike isnt bashing them, hes merely telling people which "sufganiot" were the ones that he liked best. so do everyone a favor and go somewhere else, where your comments are actually useful to people!!!!!!!!!