Tuesday, December 2, 2008


We all remember when Chaim Berlin banned the sheitel store, across the street, for showing woman's faces in the window. The owner didn't want to listen to them and kept it up. After a while of no business, the wig store closed down. They took away the faces of women; instead, they hung sheitels (without faces) in the window. They have now reopened with 30% off sale. Do you see what a yeshiva can do? they can get a store to have a sale. I think the Yeshivos are too influential.

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Anonymous said...

good for their female relatives

Ookamikun said...

Yeah...yeshiva can ruin someone's business, the same person who may be supporting the yeshiva.

Mikeinmidwood said...


And their husbands, who pay for it. Oh right, The husbands don't work for it, its the women that work. You are completely right on this one.


They also call them not frum.