Tuesday, December 9, 2008


You may already know, that the school, Bais Faiga, has closed its doors to 1800 students. The teachers, as you might have assumed, got late, or no pay at all. This school had a strict policy. You work and your children don't get in, you are in Kollel and they do. If the Kollel family, has no means to support themselves, how the hell do you think, they can support the school. Do you think they would pay full tuition? A normal Yeshiva can hardly stand, thats with people paying full tuition! Now you understand the tuition crisis.

The school was for sure teaching the kids to live a Kollel life. Then the merry-go-round continues, but this time, with even less money. Now the Yeshiva is going around collecting money, to keep up the same stupid rules, they had before. Albert Einstein said "insanity is trying the same thing, the same way, over and over again". This Yeshiva is INSANE!! And where do you think they are getting this, new found money from? Not someone in Kollel. They get it from the working class, the same ones they don't let into their school.

How could one institution say please give us money, and at the same time bash the ones giving them the money. Oxymoron's!!! It turns out, not only is this a problem for the girl school, the same is about to happen to the boys school. Did I mention this place is in Lakewood? G-d grant the people of Lakewood, some brains. The congregation answers. Amen.

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BrooklynWolf said...

This school had a strict policy. You work and your children don't get in, you are in Kollel and they do.

Do you know this for a fact? There have been comments in some of the threads on other boards to the contrary.

The Wolf

frumskeptic said...

I blame Obama!

wth, why not? He's supposedly bringing moshiach, no?

Jacob Da Jew said...

The kolleniks are going down. Hard.

frumskeptic said...

jacob- yups they are. and they'll never admit it.

Unknown said...

Who needs brains when we have "beatachon"? Perhaps this IS the sign that G-d is sending to let these guys get off their collective butts and get jobs to support themselves. A source in Lakewood, who's daughter goes to the school told me that aside from the money isuue, i is mostly a politics thing...Da'as torah any one? Lakewood people not listening to Da'as torah. I believe th sky might be falling, please seek shelter.

frum single female said...

the way the economy is these days, alot of people are getting laid off so i guess they could have legitimately sent their daughters to bais faiga.
seriously folks... unless you dont mind doing the black thing ( black hat or african american black? hmmm) and live on welfare and food stamps, this isnt the greatest plan of action. especially if you plan on having as many kids as hashem gives you.
id love someone to tell me that theologically i shouldnt work. oh i forgot women are allowed to work according to this doctrine.

frumskeptic said...

fsf- you forget...some sects the women aren't encouraged to work either. this is NOT common, but i've seen a letter or two in the Yated about a woman crying because her father died and now she either has to go back to work, or her husband does, but she has young kids in the house...

I know its not common, but still...many a time a woman is discouraged from getting a "real" job as well, and she finds herself employed by places that make it cheaper for her to just stay home and homeschool.

frum single female said...

yes, this i know is true fs. i know that often when a woman works in that society, they are often only allowed to do low-paying jobs.

citizen of brooklyn north said...

fsf and fs-
it's not that they are only allowed low paying jobs. It is that they aren't encouraged to learn a profession. There is def more of a trend now in yeshivish circles to go to school, albeit through distance/on line/jewish programs. The bigger issue is what is the advantage to children to being raised by a babysitter, or a mom who works so hard that when she gets home, she only has time for the mechanics- supper, homework, housework- and no time for playing in the park, sitting on the floor and playing games, etc. Forget about reading stories for each child- that is a "luxury" for at home moms.

Are you all sure that Bais Faiga is strictly for Kollel families?

frumskeptic said...

citizen- its all nice and dandy for a mom to be stay-at-home or have a flexible mindless job, but its not practical for her to get such a job if her husband isn't working.

It shouldn't have to be "mommy vs. food/clothing/shelter"

Mikeinmidwood said...

Brooklyn Wolf/Citizens of Brooklyn North.

I have heard of it, and didn't hear of any opposing facts.

Frum Skeptic

I thought you might blame Obama, for the socialist views he has.

Jacob Da Jew

You betcha.

Honestly Frum

"Perhaps this IS the sign that G-d is sending to let these guys get off their collective butts and get jobs to support themselves."
I would you use "definitely" instead of "perhaps"

Frum Single Female

The ones laid off, cant send their children there, from another school, just like that. Its a more, long term not working.

Anonymous said...

Mazel Tov! The school is back open.


Money quote:

In an obvious reference to Orthodox blogs and news websites, the Mashgiach added that in contrast, "modern technologies" that were used as a vehicle to discuss the crisis, had been harmful and contributed to an atmosphere of mockery of the community's leaders.

Avi said...

So what else is new ? This insanity has been going around for years in one way or another. Many years ago a yeshiva in Spring Valley had a policy..Rebbayim dont pay any tuition but women teachers do. This policy was carried out even if the rebbayim were from wealthy families and the poor " morahs" were exactly that poor teachers underpaid and abused....Avi

Mikeinmidwood said...


Why did they reopen?


I believe its not the first or last time.