Thursday, December 25, 2008


Korns Bakery on Coney and Avenue N. The price was 1.20 (if I'm not mistaken). Taste was a 6 (out of 10). Service wasn't bad. Over all a 6. I didn't hate it, the taste of the dough was not as oily as I wanted, the confection sugar put a cover on that, but pretty good. It was the jelly that really ticked me off. I searched and searched, but all I could find was just a little jelly that wasn't enough to satisfy one mouth, but only through a miracle could it satisfy 8. Seriously be generous on the jelly.

Pressers on M between east 17th and east 18th. Frumskeptic I have to disagree. The way you judged them, made them seem as if they stunk beyond belief. Well they weren't bad. The dough was was good, and the jelly was okay it felt just a little clumped or congealed. the price was good at 1.10, even the service was good. Everything was good but not great. Taste is a high 6 ( I need more numbers), overall an 8.

Weiss's Bakery on M and 13th (corner). Price 1.25 a sufgania. The taste was great, I had myself licking my fingers. Tons of jelly, the dough was soft and moist. Service was nice. Taste was an 8 overall a 9. I liked it, hat tip to Sally Hazel.

Isaac's Bake Shop on J and East 14th between east 15th. A Nice place. the service was friendly, The taste was good; It wasn't that small nor that big. Jelly was tasty, At 1.50 I believe, I don't think it was worth it, or I was just full. Taste was 7, overall 6 0r 7 (depending if you count my being full).

A bakery (i think its called elis muffins) on the corner of 14th and J. The service was bad, I kept seeing looks of impatience, I asked for a jelly donut (person looked Asian, didn't think they would know hat a sufganiot is) and made a hand gesture (like most jews). She said its not going to be that small. Hey, I asked for something, I didn't want to know how big it was. I guess she probably thought I was pointing to something, it was pretty big. Cost 1.25. Jelly was congealed (I like it flowing). At first I thought it was okay, then dough was too dry, seemed like it was fried in glue. Taste was a 4. over all a 3.

Ostrovitsky's bakery on the corner of 12th and J. I didn't go in, so I don't know about the service. 1.25 it was. The jelly poured out, I bit into the wrong side and dropped some. I still had enough to fill my desire. Dough was moist, and a deep pocket of jelly. Taste was a 9, over all yet to be determined( and probably never will be).

Next Time, I'm off to Boro Park and all their bakeries, any special requests will be included. Ah freilichin Chanukah.

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Jacob Da Jew said...

Wow, you must have gained some serious weight pounding them donuts.

And lets not forget all that oil.

Sally Hazel said...

Thanks for the link:)
Since your review, I went donut tasting, too. Koff's (sp?) on J and Nostrand- $1.25 per donut. Very good service, decent taste...
Overall, I sadly ate too many donuts/sufganiot/chanuka pastry this season and hope not to participate in any more tastings:)

G6 said...

You must have a stomach of IRON!!
Looking forward to next years' installment.
I should just break down and make them myself.......

Mikeinmidwood said...


Could you imagine I am still in shape.