Monday, December 29, 2008


After meeting up with Child Ish, we decided to (okay we planned it) hit some bakeries in boro park, to check out the sufganiot.

Korns bakery on 16th avenue: The price 1.20. I took a bite into it, hoping for something good, the taste was bland. The dough just didn't cut it, and the jelly was okay but too little of it. Service was okay. Taste is 3, and over all its a 4. Child Ish mistakenly bought a plain one, he was thinking of suing for his 1.20 back.

Schikks bakery also on 16th avenue: Price was 1.50. Very good, the jelly tasted like it was from apricots, very good. The dough was smooth and full of life. Can't remember if it was self service. Taste was an 8 and over all its got an 8.

Something (cant remember the name) Heimishe on 16th avenue: Price was 85 cents. They were pretty small, but packed with a lot of filling. It was self service. Taste was a 7, and over all was an 8.
Me and Child Ish questioned their Heimishness, basing it on Frum Punks old post about What Does Heimish Mean? In short Heimish means beards, and since there were only women behind the counter, It wasn't that heimish. Unless you say "because it was self service than the men with beards can get all their heimishness on it", and by heimish we mean dandruff from the beards, which is also known as confection sugar.

Then we went to Yossis on 15th avenue: We agreed this place was the most heimish. We also came to the conclusion heimish also means self service. At 1.50 a sufgania it seemed worth it; the guy behind the counter promised us it was the best. We tried, and found his words to be almost true. It had tons of confection sugar, very little jelly, although it was good jelly. Taste was an 8, all over a 9.

At this point in time I had 4 and Child Ish had 5, he bought two at something heimishe.

We went to Schreibers on either 14th or 15th avenue: Price was 1.00 and an okay size. There was self service. Pretty tasteless, and there was almost no jelly. Taste was a 4 and over all 3.

Then we slugged are way to the donut man on 13th avenue: Price was a dollar. We were skeptical about the taste. Turns out our assumptions were right; it tasted like a pancake with a little jelly in side. taste is a 2 and over all a 4.

Then we Davened mincha at Shomer Shabbos. We were bombarded with people asking for tzedakah this one guy came back 3 times asking for money. We shook all the fat away while we davened. After the afternoon services we set out again.

Strauss's bakery on 13th avenue: We were most satisfied with this bakery. 85 cents for a huge sufgania. The place did not have self service, we don't think its heimish. The dough was great, moist from all the oil, and jelly just came pouring out. It was definitely worth its price. Taste is a 9 and over all a 10.

Weiss's bakery on 13th avenue: 1.50 a piece. The outside was hard, once you got in it was okay. There was no self service. The jelly was good, but after a whole 2 hours of stuffing my face, I just couldn't finish. Taste was a 6 and over all a 7.

After this event, I cant eat another for a few years. G6 was right, I do have a stomach of steel, but child Ish has topped me; I had 7 and a half, and he had 9, so he gets the title of stomach of steel. As we were eating, I felt the fat tacking onto me. Our coats had tons of confection sugar, a badge of no worth, yet it showed us our skills. If eating sufganiot was a halacha, then we committed the sin of ba'al tosef (don't add to the torah).

That wraps up the the taste testing for good, and also marks the end of Chanukah. Hope you enjoyed it.

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G6 said...

You had me in stitches with this post!!
I'm "in" on the next road trip, but I'd probably be useless because I'd lose my momentum after 2 1/2 (which is why I think I'd start at Strauss' lol......)
Great post!
There's gotta be some sort of "series" in here somewhere....

Originally From Brooklyn said...

Yep it was lots of fun, here is my post on the subject, though not as good as yours.

Mikeinmidwood said...


Some sort of series, please explain.

Child Ish Behavior

It twas.

Something Different said...

It's been a while since I had a donut, but I can tell you this. You musta tried the wrong flavor at the donut man. The last donut I had there was so good it was worth it for a one way ticket to obeeze city. ;)

Go back there and try some more flavors! (Sadly, I don't remember which one I I said, it's been years!)

Mikeinmidwood said...

Okay something different your new so ill give it to you lightly. THERE IS A BIG DIFFERENCE BETWEEN A DONUT (DOUGHNUT) AND A SUFGANIA. See no exclamtion marks, thats giving it to you lightly. One is a good tasting american food, and one is an israeli styled jelly doghnut that can not be matched by dunkin donuts. Hope you get it now.

Sally Hazel said...

Thanks for the great post!

And here's something I wanted to mention it after your first tasting post. Dunkin Donuts on no occasion can be compared with real gourmet donuts. They CAN be compared to the inexpensive donuts sold in groceries and supermarkets...

Wish I found out about Yossi's donuts before- they sound exactly like the type that I enjoy.

Mikeinmidwood said...

Sally Hazel

Oooh, gratitude. thanks.

G6 said...

... sorry for being unclear.
A series of "review" posts.
Like the best hamantaschen on Purim.
The best matza on pesach...
(the most effective laxatives *after* pesach {let's see Child Ish have 9 of THOSE, lol.....})

Mikeinmidwood said...


Lol. lets see me have 7. I believe that Jacob Da Jew does the Hamentashin. Matza is just too hard to do, and they all taste the same to me. Besides I don't want to be known as the food taster blogger, sufganiot is enough. You can always try.

G6 said...

I'm thinking of taking random polls of Yom Tov Grocery prices in and around New York, and then posting them.....
A little healthy competition if you know what I mean......
Easier on my stomach than the taste test thing.... (though I wouldn't mind doing a "pizza-off" one day)

Mikeinmidwood said...


If it can take the prices down before yom tov, then its worth it.

You seem so fascinated with the rating of so many places, am I right.

DavenedByDeKoisel said...

Excellent post, keeping in mind that taste is a subjective thing, I'm still pissed that I didn't make it to Strauss for some...Oh well, better luck next year.

Anonymous said...

one agency i work for gives employees a dozen free donuts from donut man for a chanukah gift. this is the first year i had occasion to pick it up before the exp. date on the gift certificate. I liked the custard donut and appreciated that it was not dripping in oil.

Anonymous said...

yo u know what they got mike, caramel sufganiot

Mikeinmidwood said...

Davened by the Kosel

Thanks, and Stauss's wasnt something to miss.

Mrs Lakewood Falling Down

Thats the problem not dripping in oil.