Thursday, December 31, 2009

Top Eleven post of 2009

Eleven because everyone else did 10 and I didn't want to copy them. All these posts where written in the name of Humor.

The first post is a You type post, the kind where I put you as the character and tell you what you think, on the topic of Jewish Geography.

The second post is on the topic of kashruth gone wild where everything gets labeled.

The third post is on February being black history month and I explain why black is such an important color that it gets its own month.

The fourth post(oh, by the way these are in order of the months not which is best) is on the topic of four hashgacha milk, also a you.

The fifth post, unlike the first post which question what is yeshivish, this one delves into how to look yeshivish which is a completely different topic.

The sixth post is a post on frum version of monopoly called kollel-opoly, hey you cant work to win right? so instead you open up yeshivos and kollels.

The seventh post is on the the habit of people writing the number 613 at the end of their e-mail address.

The eighth post is a parody on the famous book Harry Potter called Chaim Snyder, coming to an Eichlers near you.

Tisha Mi Yode'ah, Tisha Ani Yo'dea, Tisha is the ninth post on how to work out the frum way, I even got a link from Heshy Fried for this one.

The tenth post(s) is the series of Frummie Love Story, full edition.

Finally, the Eleventh post I have to say was Merry Nittel Nacht, a fake on a Christmas Carrol written by Charles Dickens.

Enjoy all the posts on 09, and many more to come.

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