Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Although Yeshivos have been around for quite a long time, the style for one who goes there has has hit rock bottom only now, and in a culture full of fashion. Why did that happen? If it would have been 200 years ago where no one had enough money, I would understand why, but for it to happen now, that's ridiculous. I guess you could say that a yeshiva is a place for people to be different then the culture around them, so they must have a horrible style in an age of fashion.

What makes a yeshiva bochur, look like a real yeshiva bochur? and I'm not talking about the ones who must have 100$ shirts.

Your white shirt can only be white for, the first hour you wear it coming out of the dryer, and no it doesn't get ironed so its all wrinkly. After a full days work, your white shirt should be either gray, or stained with coffee or an assortment of liquidy foods, for example: chulent. Your shirt must be tucked half in to your pants, all the time. Sleeves are never buttoned, or cuffed, or even rolled up, especially when eating.

Your Tzitzis are the whitest part of your attire, chas v'shalom you have gray ones, otherwise your a goy, because everyone knows only goyim have gray tzitzis. You must have the thick woolen tzitzis, with it always hanging out. It depends on who if the tzitzis are out neatly or not. The neat way is with it hanging out from the belt, which is the only part of you're attire that looks superb, and the not neat way is for it too be very loose, and you can see the actual tzitzis garment hanging out.

Shoes cant have any laces, if they do you are wasting time from learning by tying them. Black shoes are the only type allowed in yeshivos, and no sneakers (sneakers need laces, see lace rule).

Your pants have to be either too long or too short, and the they wouldn't stay on you if it weren't for the belt.

I seem to think that with out The Belt, a yeshivah bochur cant make it with this look ( or get to the verrazano bridge), it helps the tzitzit, and it keeps the pants on. And when he is older and has a cell phone it could clip right on, that way he'll be able to text when ever he has a seder. I think it should be called the multi utility belt, like batman has. Batman also has the black color to his suit, like a yeshivah bochur (is batman a yeshivah bochur?).

The Jacket: One of these things should last on a bochur for almost for ever, and it will always be small on you. This jacket was an old shabbos suit jacket, and now has become the yeshiva jacket, because of a new shabbos jacket that came in because the one you were wearing (which is your new yeshivah jacket) was too small for shabbos, hence it will always be too small. This will, and should, never be taken off you, whether it be in the bathroom, or hot as hell outside, the jacket stays on. You are required by no law to wear it all the time, but you do anyway, also it has to have some stains, and its never washed.

Your hat for yeshiva cant be of any sale value, in other words, it has to be junk. The characteristics they must have is, the ability to be smashed, mailed in an envelope, then pressed by a very dusty rock, and all it needs is one bang and a punch, and its as good as it was before you did this process. Usually worn upward because if it to be worn with the brim down, it would look like the junk that it is.

This is the real yeshivish look, but you cant just look the look to be a yeshiva bochur, although you can fool many, but you still have to talk the talk, and walk the walk of a real yeshiva bochur to be one.

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Unknown said...

The tzitzis are usualy yellow

Talmudist said...

Someone with shoe-laces in Europe was asked "what's with those?"; the fellow answered, where I come from, we look up towards Heaven, not down at the ground.

Mikeinmidwood said...

Honestly Frum

A very white type of yellow.


Very good, but tell that to all the people who want to have what it was back in the shtetle.

Ookamikun said...

So wearing black crocs means you're very dedicated to learning?

Mikeinmidwood said...


Chas v'shalom, baruch hashem you brought this up. I was in middle of hasmada when my rebbi came over to me and bavarned this shailah. I thought for a minute and said "epes you davkah can only wear it where it shtims, like you doorm room".

Basically you cant wear them in yeshivah only in the doorm, its not considered tznius.

Ookamikun said...

Ah, but what if you wear them with socks.

Mikeinmidwood said...

asur is asur, no exceptions. If you ask one more time you could be an apikores.

harry-er than them all said...

mike- dont you know the only way for yeshivish self expression is in the belt (and tie on shabbos)?

but there are two types of white shirts. the one you described, or the cardboard always perfect type. nothing else will do

Mikeinmidwood said...

Harry-Er Than Them All

The cardboard perfect ones are worn by the non slob like ones, and hence not so yeshivish.