Monday, March 30, 2009


In the recent time I have noticed how things have been slowing down in the Jblogosphere, either that or I am missing out on all the fun somewhere else.

The Babysitter has committed blog suicide, but not before she split her blog life in half as the Jewish side, and has lived on from there. This can only be done through special kabbalistic methods, or just reading harry potter books 6 and 7. But due to the fact that she drained a lot of herself, through this, she has been visiting each blog less.

Speaking about reincarnation and that sort, Reincarnated Sally has had some some changes to her too, but don't worry, it was only her blog template. Nothing slowing down for her, maybe her kids are making it hard for her. Frum satire is also busy fixing his template, no time for me huh.

Frum Punk has decided that, being a frum punk cant last much longer in today's society. He has been on a blogcation looking for his new self, he just cant be a punk any more, and therefore he has stopped blogging for quite a while.

Moshe, who used to be a big commenter has slowed down too, but you cant blame him, he either still has a hangover from Purim (and probably will again on pesach with the 4 cups), or he is very busy taking care of his new child.

Our favorite right winger "Frum skeptic" has the privilege to be engaged, and now has slowed down on her blog. And another one to get engaged, with the same effects, was "sporadic intelligence" who used to preach about how getting engaged meant seclusion from the world, and how right she is.

The subjugated wife also had a simchah, her new child, she has been out for quite a while.

While all the people who claim to be different, Blob of something different and the people behind Not just typical, end up having the same problem, no inspiration. Hey that never stopped me.

Brain Exposed is recuperating from chemotherapy, or was it radiation? Welcome Balance is trying to walk again. Little frumhouse on the prairie (shes a guest only site, didnt know till I tried to link), got lost like a little needle in a haystack. Brooklyn north pleaded the fifth, and Daughter in the parshah has got stuck with facebook.

Guess who is too busy competing with material maidel and her recipe blog, both have been lights out on the comments.

Nameless Faceless at the beginning was 8 posts a day, and now she is up to 1 post in 8 days.

Frum college girl only writes when she has college, which I would say is harder to do, less time. And what happens once she finishes college?

Dude with hat aka. Bts, aka, Baal teshuvah slowly, emphasis on the slowly, but don't forget to put a period between baal teshuvah and slowly.

Jacob Da Jew, is trying to still be the dude, and judging by the robe, the dude is very lazy and has almost no time for a visit.

Lion Of Zion and lakewood falling down, who knows whats with them.

Wolfish musings has been to busy telling people, why he believes to not believe that you need full proof to believe. When you figure that one out you'll understand why he has no time lately.

And thats how the kosher cookie needs to make a new batch, because they all crumbled, and she has no time for blogging, and A mother in Israel has been so up against getting ready for pesach, she hasn't stopped writing about it coming (now your in this edition, so please no complaining) she also slowed down.

And then there are those that are faithful and comment, write, every day. Whether that means its stupid, or they will get burnt out quickly, I respect that. So here's to the Talmudist, frum single female, The creedmorer guy, and Honestly Frum.

Yes this could be said as another excuse for comments, or you could say its, shhhh dont tell anyone, my shortened version haveil haveilim #3. Hope all you all enjoyed.

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Jewish Side of Babysitter said...

A few things.
1- I'd be curious to see what happens if you link to one of my posts, using my new comment system, I think it would do like wordpress does, so I want to test that out.

2-I know I haven't been commenting a lot and I really want to, I think I let too much pile up and then felt like I can never comment on all of it. So I might just have to start from any point in time, and might have to unsubscribe a lot of blogs so that I can keep up to date with the ones I want to read regularly.

3- it is a comfort to know I'm not the only one who has slacked. I think last year I was very active, and then once December hit it got less. But it will become more again. See I'm commenting on this!

G6 said...

Some of us are still making the effort with pre-pesach blogging ... What are we? Chopped Liver?!?!?

But to add to your list, jugglingfrogs seems to have dropped her croakers :( and I miss her....

Good post though - maybe it'll kick start some action.
Of course, with Pesach around the corner, who has time to READ, but ok.......

Proud MO said...

It's a busy time now. I posted for the first time in over a month because I just haven't had the time.

Talmudist said...

Mike - for the hat tip; I did not think I would come out unscathed upon starting to read your blog carnival: roast edition.

Maidel said...

You should know that I very rarely comment on other people's blogs...

But I will admit that I have been pretty slow on updating both my sites....

Guess I'm too busy living life to write about it...

FrumSatire2 said...

Dude all I get is one sentence in your roast, man, that sucks - of course if not for some fan I would have never found it.

I love the roast by the way, and I am split on my new theme - going to keep it up for a few weeks and see what happens to traffic.

You can get away with it, but if I roast, oy...

On a side note Mr Mike - I went through my blogroll and deleted anyone who hasn't posted in a month.

Sally Hazel said...

Loved this post!
I can only read/write/comment in the evenings. So I try to prioritize...

Mikeinmidwood said...

Jewish Side

Ill try to put in the links now. I was amazed at how many blogs you said you would be following when you were closing your babysitter blog. Thanks.


Yes you are right pesach is coming, I know.

Proud MO

I havent seen you anywhere, but I will make sure to keep up now.


Youre welcome, but I dont need the comments on my writing skills every so often, yours is better anyway.

Material Maidel

I remember you posting 40 times a month, which I find hard to do.

Frum Satire

In my honest opinion, I think that your template is great, some people just have to get used to it. Spare me if you roast.

Sally Hazel


Jewish Side of Babysitter said...

Thanx for putting in the link, but I guess it doesn't work...o well.

yea, I had been a steady reader for most of them, and I really planned on reading all. Hopefully I'll get back to it though.

citizen of brooklyn north said...

So goes the blogging cycle. Enthusiastic at first, then realizing our posts are all pretty similar, then becoming disheartened, then a plea from fans to make a comeback, then rebirth...
though Pesach time is not the best time to sit and blog

frumcollegegirl said...

it's hard not to blog about college exclusively when it's all i do.

there's not much excitement in babysitting or going shopping for groceries...

Mikeinmidwood said...

Jewish Side

Too bad the link didnt work out like you wanted.

Citizen O Brooklyn North

Not everything has to work around cycles, work in a line; the assembly line works better than an assembly cycle.

Frum College Girl

If you go shopping, you get to hear the nicest and weirdest conversations, then you can blog about the ideas you get from it.

nmf #7 said...

Hey, I agree with FCG- sometimes there is just nothing interesting to post- no scandals, terror...and Pesach is here...
Cute roundup though.

Der Shygetz said...


Thanks for the link but as my personal ethics are very far from those of my Creedmoorer chevra I have to say that I don't come close to writing every day.

What I try to do is write a quick preview as soon as I get an idea and then go back to flesh out the posts on Sunday when I have some time.

I'd say that since I came back I average 1-3 real posts a week.

Mikeinmidwood said...


There are other things yu can write about, things that occur everyday.

Der shygetz

So you want me to bash you?

Ookamikun said...

Right on all counts about me.
Also been watching Atlantis, like 3 episodes per day.

Der Shygetz said...


LOL do I fall into bashing territory? I do update regularly but not daily.

Mikeinmidwood said...


it was a lucky guess.

Der Shygetz

I wouldnt, I like your system of keeping to one story all the time.

mother in israel said...

LOL. I just posted.