Thursday, March 12, 2009


I cant remember what the last ban/chumrah that came out was. Was it the strawberries, or was it the bike lanes in Williamsburg? either way its been a while since the last one. The new one is a chumrah; any phone that isn't me'usher from va'ad harobanim, is now not obligated to be returned if lost, lest the owner use it to text his chavrusah.

I find this rather funny, unlike most people, who find it to be outrageous. I remember learning from Uncle Moishy, returning something that you found is a mitzvah. Now I am not someone to argue between the gadlus of Uncle Moishy and a rabbi from Israel, but I do know there is a mitzvah of Hashovos aveidah (returning something that's lost) written somewhere in the Torah, in fact there is a whole Chapter in Bava Metziah about when to return whats lost. I know that the Rabbi from Israel is only trying to teach us true Torah values, and I know Uncle Moishy is only trying to teach kids (and the parents who are forced to listen to it), but the fact remains there is a major machloiket going on here, and I dont think we can answer it yet.

Sadly, boys and girls, now its time to say shalom, Uncle Moishy and this rabbi are going home, but they will be back again, arguing what are the mitzvos of hashem. la la la la la la la la la la la la la la laaaah.....

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G6 said...

Mike! How could you forget the raisins??!?!?

Besides, why listen to U. Moishy? He's no better than Lipa... he's got FAMILY SEATING (ack!) at his concerts too!!!

frum single female said...

so im a bit confused here. the rabbanim said its ok to use someone else's cell phone to text message? this is outright stealing! not everyone has an unlimited text message plan on their cell phone.

Mikeinmidwood said...


No one holds of the raisin ban.
I was side tracked by all his mitzvah songs that I forgot he has mixed seating, shame on me.

Frum Single Female

You misunderstood, The rabbi said you dont have to return the found non kosher phone to the one who lost it.

Talmudist said...

Right, you get to keep it / sell it on Ebay.

Mikeinmidwood said...


I dont think, according to this halacha, that you will be able to sell it on ebay; since thats on the internet.

Also I have been thinking. Lets say you find one on the floor, you pick it up, remember the halacha, then someone comes over and says its theirs, do you give it back or do you say "too bad you getchkeh (Idol) watcher", what do you you do?

Ookamikun said...

You should bring it to your Rabbi and he will "dispose" of it as he sees fit ;-)

Mikeinmidwood said...


And if youre the rabbi, who do you hold like, uncle moishy or this israeli rabbi.

Ookamikun said...

It's a very difficult question and I will need to inspect any of the devices to provide a ruling. Rest assured, if there will be found in it the seeds of evil, I will personally dispose of it in the proper way.