Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Frummie Love Story Part VII: Dumping the shadchan

As the name came out of the Chaveirim guys mouth Chana felt an excitement with visions flashing before her eyes about all the different circumstances her and the bochur, Yitzchak Pomerantz, will encounter together. She had too many questions as to why he knew his license plate number to begin with, she was left in mystery and excitement, two emotions that when mixed lead to one curious energetic person.

The whole ride home in the repaired car Chana was trying to figure out the reason she found out in the most obscure way. After much thought and talking it out with Rifky, they decided it was hashgacha pratis in the making, it could only be the hand of g-d. This made Chana feel even closer to hashem, just the feeling of hashem guiding you in what you do is an amazing feeling. But of course this wasn't IT, IT was actually going on a romantic date with him and marrying while the sun is setting, then living the rest of their romantic lives together, that was IT and not just knowing he existed and his name.

Chana started to inquire about him without a shadchan, a big no no, what kind of girl would do this without a shadchan? surely one that's off the derech. Well our Chana was not off the D, but she was afraid that the shadchan would ruin her chances of marrying him because they want him for "better" girls. She was not considered the best girl out on the market, she was closing in her 22nd birthday, and being that she turned down other boys she was considered picky.

So she found herself in the lead role of detective. She found out which yeshiva he goes to, only by using her shadchan detective skills was she able to master this one, even she was surprised by how she found out. He went to a well known yeshiva located right in the heart of Midwood, one that actually had a good reputation for quality bochurim when it came to shalom bayis. Many other things were found out from constant spying on him and inquiring about him, including his amazing personality and how understanding he was of everyone.

All was perfect by the time the day of rest, shabbos, came about. Chana had fulfilled almost everything she needed to know about him before she could go on a date with him. As shabbos came with its sanctity and purity Chana felt as though her other part was coming into her to make her complete. A unity within herself, truly one of the best feelings out there.

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Ookamikun said...

Not very believable. She obviously has a crush on him and someone with a crush is not gonna go find out which yeshiva, what kind of family, etc.
Emotional and analytical don't mix.

SubWife said...

Moshe, I disagree. Even if she has a crush, 1) not everyone's head stops working, 2) she might do the investigation, but would judge everything in a positive way and explain away negatives.

However, marrying during sunset will probably not happen. Someone should tell her that - unless she elopes to Vegas (interesting plot twist, btw). If one is not married by shkiyah, they wait for an hour + to make sure that the next day started; otherwise, there's machloket as to on which day one got married, which might invalidate ktuba, or something like that.

good reputation for quality bochurim when it came to shalom bayis.- didn't know such a thing existed.

Mikeinmidwood said...


Sub Wife has got it right, have you ever been through this?

Sub Wife

I heard there is a yeshivah that has, or had, this reputation. If i recall it wasnt located in midwood.

Proud MO said...

Come on, everyone knows Chareidim can't get married while the sun us setting, it causes too many shailos with what day to write on the ketubah. It's either well before shekiah, or after tzeis.

Mikeinmidwood said...

Proud MO

Shailos Shmailos, were talking about fulfilling a girls dreams, and we all know that women dont learn halacha in chareidi circles so how should she know?