Friday, May 8, 2009


Today I decided to visit the infamous coffee room of YWN, for the very first time. I knew I would find something interesting. The commenter Pashuteh Yid is highlighted in red.

"Slits being a problem has no basis in halacha. The requirement is that the knees and above be covered at all times. Most people feel that you need an extra few inches so that the knees are covered when sitting, as well. So any slit that ends 3 inches below the knees is totally fine, as the entire skirt could end there. Anyting you do below the 3 inch line is OK. You can have a slit, you can have elaborate cutouts, you can eliminate everything, you can cover down to your toes, you can embroider a picture of your dog, whatever you do is fine, as long as everything is covered above the 3 inch point.
We have enough halachas, why invent new ones? "

I do like his last sentence, pretty smart. The next commenter, Why do I even bother (his name), is highlighted in maroon.

"Pashuteh Yid, I will let the others jump down your throat, but I do have to say that your comment is one of the dumbest, narrow minded comments I have read. Most people at least say that "My rav told me this" or "In my community this is acceptable". You just went and paskened your (wrong) opinion..."

I love what this guy wrote, he actually wrote one of the dumbest, most narrow minded comments Ive ever read. He actually cares how a person presents his case; rather, than on the facts he states, and he called him wrong, and poshiter yid was clearly right. But not to worry, another comment was made in the coffee room, one that was seen coming for miles, highlighted in orange and written by chuck schwabb (not the company).

"The total lack of tznius today is a terrible machla on us. We need to do a lot to alleviate this tznius crisis. Anything towards that goal, is highly commendable. "

Ahhh.... that was refreshing, I was just itching to hear something like that (what I actually guessed someone would say is "Untznius people are causing the swine flu epidemic, yidden listen to your father in heavens message").

I was told, countless times, that if I checked it out I would find something, turns out they were right. I will now coin a new phrase "Never underestimate the stupidity of a YWN commenter". Good Night.

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Dina said...

The phrase "anything toward that goal"... that kind of scares me.

Mikeinmidwood said...


Me too.

frum single female said...

ywn is great to read when im in a bad mood. they have so much unintentional comedy in it!

Mikeinmidwood said...

Frum Single Female

Unintentional is the purest form.

Unknown said...

These people make up halachos as the days go on. I blogged about this last week. They are using tznius as an excuse for all the problems we have. Not their faulty education model or their sinas chinam...tznius.

Mikeinmidwood said...

Honestly Frum

What do you mean? women with skirts to their heels are causing men to get sick, and to not listen to their rabbis about having kosher phones. Cant you see its obvious tznius is the problem. ;)

Dina said...

Me, I blame the patriarchy :)

Ookamikun said...

Yes, skirts to the feet are very suggestive.

I suggest adding the following comment, "My rav told me you're an idiot and in my community people hold that YWN commentors are generally brain dead."

Mikeinmidwood said...


(no comment)


Why Do I Even bother would agree with you, because you are stating a source. No matter how crazy it is, if it has a source its accepted.

Ookamikun said...

"The voices in my head hold of this minchag."