Thursday, May 14, 2009


Today is another day that goes by. Everything just seems to fit into place, but yet its all run from above. No this is not a some mussar post so hold your horses. We walk in we walk out, everything is always happening. A cloud comes into a clear blue sky and it always brings more. I hope you get the point by now.

The whole world expects something to change, but yet it doesn't. Everything takes time, as they say. The only thing that can change things quickly is when there are fights, when people make drastic moves, that's when things begin to pick up the pace. If Israel would attack Iran today, and won a war instantly, the whole world would take Iran's oil, and then go after Israel and somehow change the shape of it as we know it, to something smaller, all because things happen quickly when there is a war. This would have happened in a few decades rather than months which is what I was referring to.

Also for some odd reason my mind runs quickly when I have absolutely nothing to post about, so take a guess why I wrote what I did, because even I didn't know what I was going to write a few seconds before it was on the screen.

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Altie said...

This is very encouraging, it gives me hope that my brain may actually be working properly, that I might actually have things to say, not just bla bla bla to post.

Good one, mike. keep blogging.

Mikeinmidwood said...


Yes there has been a few days where I couldnt think of anything to write, but I got a few more coming. Thanks.