Saturday, May 2, 2009


After realizing that there wasn't enough labels for people, they decided to come up with a new one, Modern Unorthodox Machmir. These people are not like the modern orthodox machmir, like anyone really knows what that is to begin with, or like regular unorthodox. They are a group of people that decided that they are unorthodox, but are machmir in some cases, making them the new, or modern, unorthodox and machmir.

Well not anyone can just be Modern Unorthodox Machmir, you have to keep to a set of rules from that are derabanan and ignore the rest of which are deoraisah. For example; they will drive to shul on shabbos, they only eat the shmurah matzoh, but dip their McDonalds french fries in saltwater, they eat only chulent that was heated on the blech, but yet turn on and off lights on shabbos.

But they aren't just machmir on the derabanans like saying sefirah, they are also machmir on environmental issues as well. They are warned about the 11th commandment "though shall not have a massive carbon footprint". Weekly sermons from Rabbi Rebecca, and her husband Reverend Davis, at the local shul, are constantly reminding the kehillah about the need to keep the planet clean, and are putting bans on new products that falsely claim to save the environment, every day. Therefore the community of MUM's will only have one child, use recycled paper and strap themselves to trees all over the world.

The life of an MUM is a tough one, only the most Machmir of Jews are zocheh to enter their sect of Judaism.

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Dude with hat (aka BTS) said...

is that a kind of post-1st-april-joke???

frum single female said...

please dont suggest this category to frumster. they already have enough ridiculous categories.

Dude with hat (aka BTS) said...

FSF - are you on frumster?

MAK said...

Agreeing with SFS, and quite frankly after the first pareagraph you managed to lose me. I believe I will stick to my philosoply which continues to serve me so well.."People will be people, and people are idiots"

MAK said...

oooops, and I meant FSF, clearly, after finals my mind doesn't function that well and is taking a much needed vacation.

Ookamikun said...

MUMs don't have women rabbis, RUMs do.

Mikeinmidwood said...

Dude With Hat (AKA Bts)

I can crack a joke, without april fools for an excuse.

Frum Single Female



Your phrase should go like this "some people will be people, and some people are idiots".


They both have women rabbis. You must have Modern Unorthodox Machmir mixed up with Medieval Unorthodox Machmir, the feminist idea hasnt approached them yet.