Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Every Yeshiva has one of these guys, okay a few of them. They do back breaking labor and get paid worse than the rebbeim, which, by the way, is almost nothing. The kids in the Yeshiva cant really relate to them, because the rebbeim are constantly saying, "If you don't learn you'll end up like the shvartza janitors here", or, "So lets say shmerel had a cow, then Steve the guyishe janitor stole it.....", so the kids think of them as low lives. Some of them may be on crack all day long, but others just really cant get a better job. Every Yeshiva runs on these guys, and they are neglected.

In a Public school, life is probably better. The kids can relate to them. They can play their music, unlike in a yeshiva which forbids all outside music (for the record lipa is outside). No teachers are degrading them. They are treated like humans who have a life, rather than something who is just needed to mop the floors.

The children speak to them normally, not like in many yeshvos where the kids speak to them as if they are retarded, for example: Custodian: "Are you done here?" Yeshiva Kid: "Now no. We done here in few minutes, okay". A normal public school kid would have said "in five minutes".

Being a yeshiva custodian is one of the worst jobs ever, I wouldn't be surprised if in the news you hear a story of a janitor massacring a bunch in a yeshiva .

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Ookamikun said...

Let's not forget the ones in shuls.

Jewish Side of Babysitter said...

umm actually, I remember my principal telling us to empty our bowls and cups in the sink before putting them in the garbage bag so that it shouldn't be heavy for the janitor to carry.

and I don't think in PS's their treated better. There's something called class, which people judge by. People look down at janitors because they are of a lower monetary standing than them.

Mikeinmidwood said...

Ex Babysitter

"People look down at janitors because they are of a lower monetary standing than them".

Whoa! but that doesnt give them a right to do it.

Jewish Side of Babysitter said...

True people don't have a right to, but it doesn't stop them from thinking that way. Just showing that gentiles can also be mean and condescending.