Wednesday, January 14, 2009


The Yated Ne'eman is a Jewish newspaper (more like opinion paper). I do not like to read it. After reading their last article, I was a bit confused at what they were trying to point out. They wrote how everybody is all pro Palestinian, then they start to show how everyone isn't blaming Israel for the latest conflict. They did the latter in an effort to show Palestinians are the wrong ones, and yet they contradict what they wrote before. Is there any real newspaper that does that?

Then comes my next reason, I love this one. The great Yated did not even remotely differ between Palestinians and Hamas. They said " The Palestinian people have pushed Israel over the limit, and they shall get their reward". Although I agree that many Palestinians don't like Israel, but it isn't any random gaza citizen that shot missiles and that's who Israel is fighting against ( though they dont always portray themselves as part of the group), it was an organized group called ( and the yated may not know this) HAMAS. This new found organization, according to the yated is new, is responsible for the attacks; and if you didn't know there is another Palestinian group Israel is not fighting against, Fatah. So don't start writing that its Palestinians who we want dead, because most of them are cowering under their beds for something Hamas caused, and Israel is only targeting Hamas not all Palestinians, don't write "The Palestinian people have pushed Israel over the limit, and they shall get their reward".

This is why I don't read the Yated Ne'eman. If you like reading peoples random thoughts, with no basis, and articles that cant keep to a point; then the Yated is for you.

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mlevin said...

We read Yated as entertainment piece on Shabbos. We don’t read their news or commentary. We go straight for readers write section. Nothing and I really mean nothing could beat it.

Anonymous said...

Its written for people who will agree with it, nothing more nothing less.

Mikeinmidwood said...


I have heard the readers are pretty funny.

Frum Punk

It was made for that reason.

comfortablynumb said...

mlevin is right if you go in with the mindset that youre reading it strictly for entertainment it becomes more enjoyable and you can get the news from a real newspaper.Whenever I read it I cant help thinking of it as a very good high school writing project

Mikeinmidwood said...

Comfortably Numb

Highschool project? In Highschool you can keep to a point, this is preschool. :)

Unknown said...

I read it for the pictures. Just kidding, it is a mind numbing exercise to try and read this rag. It is objective like The New York Times is. Also, most of the "News" stories are copied from Reuters. Although it can be found on the cofee table of every good charedi, most will admit they only buy it b/c it has good "gedolim pictures"

frumskeptic said...

the Yated is by far the most entertaining newspaper ever.

by far!

Anonymous said...

mike just asking

when is your anniversary?

- a friend

Something Different said...

Then why do you read blogs?

Mikeinmidwood said...

Honestly Frum

I just understood something; people buy the yated to highten their IQ level, like you said, " Its a mind numbing excercise".

Frum Skeptic

Yes, even without a humor column theyre great (dont know if they have a humor column, they are still funny). All those jokes the readers send in, are hilarious.


April 14. I havent been around that long.

Mikeinmidwood said...

Something Different

Blogs I read because they are funny and interesting, I dont read a newspaper to hear them say thoughts and no facts. Second Blogs arent only news.

Something Different said...

You forgot the main point: blogs are free! ;)

Mikeinmidwood said...

Something Different

In fact it pays you, I am still waiting for my check from adsense.

Something Different said...

Was that like "hint hint"? ;)

Mikeinmidwood said...

Something Different


Something Different said...

I hope you realize that could qualify as an excuse for them to nullify your account.
That being said I just clicked on an ad.
You are now ten cents richer.

Mikeinmidwood said...

I cant tell you to click on it but if you do it yourself fine.