Wednesday, January 21, 2009


After reading this wonderful story, about a Jew who was afraid of too many "Arab types" (whats their crime? too much clothes?) on his plane from Turkey to New York and delayed the flight for 2 hours while everyone was inspected (he got kicked off the flight), I was truly "inspired" by this idiot.

So what do you expect when you are flying from Turkey? for everyone to look like chassidim? of course their are going to be "Arab types". If this guy was so afraid of the arab types, then why is he in turkey in the first place? And stop hiding your real thoughts, we know you're afraid because you think they are going to blow up[the plane, say the truth. Then there is the question of Chilul Hashem, and the ever increasing anti-semitism, that this causes. The guys an idiot.

Imagine if you are on a plane flying from JFK to Tel Aviv, and there is this "arab type" on the plane. He complains about to many "Jewish type" people on board. He makes everyone get off, inspected, and 2 hours later you can fly. Would you not say "what kind of moron gets on a plane with jews, if he fears them? Is this jewish man on flight from turkey any different? No, and thats why he should...... I dont know what he should, but its stupid to do what he did.

My favorite part of this news article was the comments, people actually defended him. This is only possible on vos iz neias and YWN.

P.S. You can see I am running out of ideas to post Dont worry, I will get more ideas. For as long as the Jewish world gets more ideas, the more there is to post about, and they are due for another one right about now.

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