Friday, January 16, 2009


After finding this, which I call Operation Cast Misleading, thanks to The Wolf (who put out a good post), I laughed my head off, only to put it back on when I realized it was going to just about every frum house. The "before" picture, shows a kid with a white shirt and and Kippah (yarmulkeh), the "after" picture, the kid is with his index finger and pinky out (oh no), mouth wide opened, a baseball cap, and worst of all, a black shirt. The pictures were obviously taken three minutes apart, and the before might have been the after.

What the "kid wrote" (in quotations because he didn't, it was an older person trying to sound like he was off the "D", and trying to mislead everyone) is hilarious and very contradicting. You have got to read it. My commentary in regular ink.

Dearest Abba and Mommy,

How off the "D" are you if you still call them Abba and mommy, how about Mom and Dad.

Just wanted to thank you for the iPod touch you got me for my birthday. It’s the coolest thing! Seriously. I use it all the time to access the most disgusting stuff in the world! You would like totally faint if you knew.

Dude you just told your parents in the last sentence, its not like you are hiding it.

Anyway, OMG! It’s like the sickest thing ever. And the internet is WAY fast. It only takes me a few seconds to download the WORST videos and photos imaginable.

You're telling your parents once again what you do. Second an Ipod touch can not download videos within seconds, it takes quite a while.

I can literally get anything I want and talk to anyone I want.

If you know them you can talk to them, first you need their number, and that's only the Iphone that can call, not Ipod touch, or you get their IM address, By the way, this can be done by anyone with a house phone. Don't you think someone like this would have cursed a few times by now?

Bet you had no idea when you bought it. That’s too bad, cuz, you know, I was just an innocent 7th grader full of potential. You probably had high hopes for me - sorry, but that’s history now. I don’t really care much about learning - or anything else - anymore and I’ll probably drop out of school pretty soon.

Soon Eh, that means you live at home, and still go to school. At first I thought you were writing from camp or something, now it changes that you are still in school. If so then you live at home, and whats the need for a letter, talk (scream) to your parents. You aren't living out of your house, since you still have contact with your parents, and seem to care a lot about them. If you were out of the house, you would have already dropped out of school. Where are the parents here, they can just take away the Ipod, they still have some authority over the kid, and don't you think there should be some cursing by now? Hence this is all a misleading letter, sent out to encourage you to suffocate your children.

So long and thanks for ruining me. You Rule!

ruining you, if you're off you don't say that.

Love, Chaim (a.k.a. “tank” ooh great name, scary too.)

In the end, it boils down to, making everyone fear electronics, and suffocating their children. They had a letter attached to it, which said text messaging and phones are bad. Okay some phones can get Internet, fine its bad (not going to really argue that one, its for a different post). Now for the ones without Internet, texting is not a problem, I wrote about this before, because if you want you can even (dare I say it) have a kosher phone and talk to girls or boys. Interview with a Random Frummie: "really? I thought that was impossible". Mike in Midwood: "what?.... wait, so do you know that its possible to talk to the opposite gender on a land line phone? Random Frummie: "No! that's impossible.... it ca..... ca..... cant be..... it just cant be" Mike In Midwood: "yes it can". Random Frummie faints out of shock.

Yes people this was all propaganda, sent by the Frummies. No one is going off the "D" because of an Ipod, and we don't have to be so jealous of the Amish. I know we are related to the Amish, were their cousins, the Heimish, but its just too much. Don't Cast a Misleading Operation on us, and definitely don't lie to us with false letters.

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Ookamikun said...

Looks like your parents got you an iPod touch for your birthday. Didn't they. Don't deny it!

Lost And Not Yet Found said...

hahaha I like this post..

Originally From Brooklyn said...

Great Post. Very True.

Mikeinmidwood said...


Haha. lol. Just like you are mailing these letters to everyone.

Lost And Not Yet Found

Your welcome.

Child Ish Behavior

Thanks. You would probably like the wolfs post too.

Anonymous said...

man that was funny
probably the best one you ever had

Mikeinmidwood said...

Sam The Organizing Man

You think so?

Anonymous said...


i have a friend whos getting his i-touch taken away b/c of this