Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Throughout the whole campaign for mayor I did not hear one good thing about Thompson. Whether I was listening to the radio, saw an ad in the Jewish press, or saw one on TV, I didn't hear anything for Thompson. All I knew of was from the Bloomberg for mayor ads, it told me Thompson wants to raise taxes, give money to people who are supporting him and something to do with contracts, but never did I hear something good about Thompson.

May be there was nothing good about him? maybe he really did all those bad things and would do them again so he felt too ashamed to even mention his name anywhere? But then why did Thompson even run if he didn't plan on getting the word out to me, or anyone else that he can do something with this state?

I just don't understand this Thompson dude, whether Obama would support him or not, like he did with Corzine in new jersey which corzine lost anyway, how would it have helped if he never said he could do anything for us! Did he really campaign and I just missed it somewhere or am I really right.

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frum single female said...

yeah, i didnt even know thompson was actually running until a week before the election. the election was close anyway. i think alot of people were too apathetic to vote. those who voted for thompson might not have really wanted him to win, but didnt want to vote for bloomberg.

Lost And Not Yet Found said...

Bloomberg has more money..

And I agree with you FSF. Most people voted Thompson b/c they didn't want Bloomberg.

Mikeinmidwood said...

Frum Single Female

Yeah I was suprised he got that many votes, I think people didnt like Bloomberg because he got three terms and therefore went for thompson.

Lost And Not Yet Found

I think its because he thought he was going to lose so he just didnt say anything.

Lost And Not Yet Found said...

Could be.