Friday, June 26, 2009


Almost everybody on the block rented a u-haul, stuffed it up, and then traveled to the mountains this week. It was a site to see, parents calling out kids names to see if they left anything behind, trying to figure out how to squish in another suitcase and sheitel, O' it was a blast. Don't think that was the only reason I liked this week. In addition to watching them pack up I also saw them pack out of Brooklyn, which means MORE PARKING!!! spaces! LESS CROWDED SUPERMARKETS!!!

Why am I celebrating so hard? well have you ever tried looking for parking for 45 minutes? or was pissed off that someone took up two spots instead of one? or have someone blocking your driveway for a "minute"? Do you like the double parking on Coney Island ave.? my answer is no, and that is why I am so happy.

Have you ever walked into Moishe's discount supermarket with a pushcart, and tried to maneuver yourself out of one jam only to move into another, its just too crowded there (that's why I like Pomegranate better, but I don't go there often, its expensive). And forget about Thursday nights, its complete havoc in there. What I hate most are the spaced out bluetooth wearers, they just yap away about whatever and it can take a while before they realize they are in your way. Ooh and some are so stuck up, looking to see which is a better tomato sauce, pick one already and stop blocking the aisle.

But that is all over, those extra crowded supermarkets are gonna be upstate where I ain't, and parking will be a breeze, thank g-d for this wonderful idea of a summer retreat.

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Sally Hazel said...

I, too, am delighted about all the benefits for people who are not retreating!

citizen of brooklyn north said...

if they would leave brooklyn north, too, we'd both be happy

MAK said...

Really funny, the girl I was staying by, her brother was celbrating that as well...and he's leaving in a week (for Vegas though, not the country)

Moshe said...

If I'm with my Graco Tour Duo, I just ram them if they don't get out of the way fast enough. Ripped the cart out of a yenta's hands in Paperfic because she decided to move exactly one inch to the side.

Do not play chicken with a tank, you will lose.

Mikeinmidwood said...

Sally Hazel/MAK

I see im not the only one.

Citizens O Brooklyn North

and go were?


Thats the spirit.

Frum and Rational said...

I can never figure out what the lure of the mountains is. I went to summer camp for several years in the katzkills, but I had a far better experience the two years I went to a camp located within normal civilization.