Thursday, June 4, 2009


We here at Kosher Innovations are working hard for you at every given moment, and are looking to make your kosher life easier. So we introduce to you THE KOSHER LAMP, LIGHT SWITCH COVER tm. This new invention allows to you to feel safe when around your kosher lamp, so you wont come to turn it off. See how we make your life easier.

Also for shabbos, we have a new alarm clock. You have the regular alarms for shachris 1, and shacharis 2, then mincha and ma'ariv; but now we have one new alarm for the musaf service too, to make sure you don't over sleep musaf.

Have you ever felt the need to calculate how much money you owe to your child's yeshiva? Well we are in the middle of mass producing a never before seen pocket computer system, that will be able to instantly calculate how much you owe to the yeshiva. All you have to do is punch in a few numbers from your bill, and how much you paid so far, and it will magically tell you what you owe. All those years of not taking math class, will finally pay off. And if you order right now, then when we start to sell the product, we will give you an extra one, free!, so you can keep track of your other child's tuition bill too!

Kosher Innovations is truly working hard for you.

To donate to this non-profit organization call 1800-Ino-vate, or e-mail us at (you cant e-mail us from optimum or dial up, only koshernet will work)

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Ookamikun said...

The sad thing is that someone will make it and people will buy it and it will be sold in the judaica store near you.

Anonymous said...

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Mikeinmidwood said...


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Jewish Side of Babysitter said...

very cute, I liked the calculator one.

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Mikeinmidwood said...

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Anonymous said...

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