Sunday, June 8, 2008


The great stereotype is that Jews love bagels. It happens to be that we do. The reason may lie in the fact that you could put just about anything on a bagel. There is lox, tuna, cream cheese, cream cheese and lox, and probably more things to put on a bagel besides these. Then there is what type of bagel you could have plain, poppy seed, onion (I think its an onion roll) , and an everything bagel. with so many choices how could you not want one?

The origin of lox was in Europe. It came with the herring which I love. These two go hand in hand, herring comes by a kiddush and the lox come by the 3rd meal on shabbos. (shalosh seudos or shalish shudis which ever you prefer). There are great bagel stores in Brooklyn. There is Ave. M bagels on Ave. M. Then there is Bagel hole on 15th and J also one on coney and K. On a normal morning/ right before noon, Bagel hole is packed but the wait is worth it since they got the best tuna around. I also hear Brooklyn Bagels tuna is good but I never tasted it.

Many times the service is terrible. You could be waiting even though there is no one on line. Someone shows up and asks you what you want. They then leave you waiting, thinking they are going to get what you asked for. Someone else shows up behind the counter and asks you the same thing.(a lot of possibilities end up from here). You end up waiting 10 minutes from your busy lives from what could have been only two. These places also have the most health violations.

I was once in a store and I asked for a cream cheese bagel. Then I said "can I have olives with it" The guy says "NO!". What kind of person says no. Its not like there wasnt any olives right there, but yet he still said no. I was thinking I should say "Okay then I am not buying it". I just didnt feel like saying that. (was I being nice or lazy?) Anyway, I am not going there again.

If you are ever at a siyum you know the main thing serve is bagels with tuna or lox spread. This only proves my bagel theory. There is even blogs with bagels in their names. For example, Bagel blogger and Krum as a bagel. Some people take the whole Jews and bagels shinanugin too far but it does exist. (Shavous is great for bagels with cream cheese, its Milchig).

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Honestly Frum said...

I blogged about this a few months ago. I went into Bagel Hole and purchased a plain bagel for my 2 year old son (along with a few other things). When I requested to have it cut in half the guy told me that it would be an extra dollar to cut it in half. That will be the last time I shop there.

Lion of Zion said...

Brooklyn Bagel is the best

Mikeinmidwood said...

Honestly frum

yeah I hate it when they charge to cut it in half.

Lion of Zion

I gotta try it out soon.

frum single female said...

brooklyn bagel is better than the bagel hole. however, H&H bagels in the city on the UWS is better than any bagel store in brooklyn.

Mikeinmidwood said...

Frum single female

People tell me that brooklyn bagel is better. I just need to know if the tuna is better.

Honestly Frum said...

H&H is far better than any bagel store in Brooklyn, and the staff is much nicer.

Mikeinmidwood said...

It's funny that H&H is better because everyone says brooklyn bagels are the best.

The Babysitter said...

Honestly Frum: that's crazy to charge extra to cut in half. Sometimes stores joke about charging more but their not serious. Since going to Israel a while ago I started having falafel with french fries and pickles in a Pita. Since I don't like pizza, when I go to a pizza shop I get falafel instead. So some stores are surprised when I ask for it, but if they have the pickles anyways then they do it. So one time when I was by a pizza shop and I ordered, I phrased in a way where I said "can you..." so because I asked it in a question, they decided to make a joke, so the lady is like, "no that would cost extra" and I gave her a look, and then I realized she was joking, and she said "of course I can.."

FrumSingleFemale: I saw H&H sold not kosher stuff in their store, its under the star K which is good. But it had fridges with drinks of Gatorade and other stuff that aren't kosher, so then is it a reliable place to go to?

sam the organizing man said...

mike the tuna at brooklyn bagel is the best in midwood