Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Have you ever noticed while on a train that only the Jews tangle their own feet together. It occurred to me some time ago and it has been proven over and over again. Is it because the non Jews cross their fingers so we cross the feet? Its not putting one foot over the other or one knee over the other. Its positioned with your legs straight and just one foot over the other. Its not in a relax position its in a "keep it all to yourself" position. The reason maybe that we just want to stay away from people so we are blocking ourselves with are intertwined feet. There could be many more psychological reasons.

Another thing I noticed is that Chassidim push and shove. I cant stand it. Its really annoying when you're in a crowded area and the guy with a bekishe and curled peyos is shoving me into someone. I daven in a Chassidish shul in boro/borough park once in a while. I seriously hate it when I get pushed around. Even the little children knock your feet out of the way.Someone is got to teach them manners and then we wonder why there is antisemitism. I personally say excuse me I will never push someone to get to were I want.

These are just some things I find in the Jewish world we live in. Do you have any more I would like to hear them.

On a side note its COMEDY 2 year BLOGAVERSARY !!!!!! :;";"~'';';`':'::'''':;;'`,.^*`~~";''; (confetti)

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Anonymous said...

I've never noticed the foot thing. I just sit straight.

Moshe said...

The crossed legs thing is in case there's a sale, it's faster to get up and start running if your right leg is behind your than if they're resting normally. Try it.

As for chassidim, that prob because they don't consider you a person because you're not one of them.

redhead said...

A particularly Jewish thing...hmm...ketchup! And i don't mean just on hot dogs and burgers (dare I say hamburgers???). I mean on everything. Jews put ketchup on their lukson (NOT noodles or pasta), on their vegetables, on their fish, in their chulent, in their sandwiches, on everything!

Moshe said...

Don't forget about horseradish, or even worse, chrainaise.

Mikeinmidwood said...

Redhead & Moshe

I dont like ketchup or horse radish and chrainaise.

Redhead said...

Chrainaise - the ultimate offender!
And Mike - I loved the confetti!

hesh said...

hey you gotta put a link in the post dawg

Mikeinmidwood said...




I did now


about the crossed legged thing non jews do it all the time not just us

about the ketchup and stuff idont like that stuff but i know alot of people who do what you are saying is true

hey redhead: do you know a group of people called BM BM

The Babysitter said...

what about crossed hands?
the crossed feet thing I never really paid attention to. I only noticed that guys cross their feet differently, by putting one foot over the other leg to form a triangle, and girls cross their feet by putting one knee over the other.

But you know what I think is the reason why Jewish people sit with just their feet crossed like the way you explained, its because its more tznius.

After watching a video of the one of the kids I babysit's graduation, the mother commented to her daughter that the way she was sitting wasn't tznius, cause her feet were spread apart, she was 6 years old. So this way the feet are next to each other when their crossed so its more tznius.

I noticed the pushing/shoving too, but I see it by all people, just chassidim are stereotyped that way because their always on the run, they got business to do, or their late to their late minyan so their in a rush. Or because they dress differently they need a lot of self confidence to be proud of themselves to still dress that way even if people will look at them funny, so because of all of the self confidence, it might become too much, and they think they own the place, so everyone has to part ways for them.

Back to the rush theory, I think there was a study that said people who live in major cities, or maybe American's in general are always in a rush, to get to where they have to go. That's why there's fast food places, and stuff, cause no body has time to sit and enjoy a meal, so they get it to go, while their on their way to the next errand.

MikeinMidwood: cool, another person besides for me who doesn't like Ketchup, chrain and horseradish.

interesting confetti effect, I didn't realize what it was supposed to be.

redhead said...

Sam -
BM BM looks like music chords to me. Should I have heard of them? Who are they?

sam the organizing man said...

a bunch of girls

i only thought you knew them b/c i know another person that my family calls redhead i thought you would know them