Thursday, June 19, 2008


I have never seen a problem with going to college. And yet so many people say that if you go to college you not religious. You have to stay and learn otherwise your life is ruined. I don't see whats wrong with getting ready to make a living. Its better than learning and having absolutely no money to make ends meet.

The shadchunim are the worst "So are you going to learn or work?" If you work you have a great chance of the shadchun not considering you to anyone. Also you have a good chance of waiting till 25 to get married. So instead of having a shadchun you go on JDate or frumster which really doesn't help much.

They say there is really something wrong with not learning and recently I heard that becoming a rebbi is not considered learning either. Who made up this crazy rule book!! where everything has to be perfect and money is over flowing like a very hot pot with water in it and steam (being money) coming out. This just doesn't happen. In the end you are going to have to work anyway since you cant learn forever. Someone who wants to learn after they are done working like in the evening isn't good enough.

Its funny how everything must be perfect. Even people are now perfect. You hear someone say "I went out with a typical BY girl/Yeshiva bochur" and they say it not only about one person but many. It doesn't stop there, no way. They say they went out with 3 people they all had the same idea of where they are headed in life and came from the same background. This perfect world is not perfect and everyone is the same.

So about college being assur. I am not criticizing anyone for not going but rather the reason they aren't. Some don't go because they have life set out for them and what they are going for doesn't need college (a shochet,Rabbi,Teacher,Social worker) so I am not out to get you here. There are others that say "College is for goyim" (in a derogatory way THEY say goyim) and are trying to fit into this category of typical Yeshiva bochur/BY girl, it is also a form of peer pressure.

In a good many years from now our Jewish economy will collapse because fewer and fewer people are getting jobs (REAL JOBS) and we wont be able to support those who learn. Yeah I am bringing out the Yissachar and Zevulun point. There are people that are meant to support those who learn. That's the reason why people have to go to college to learn some sort of profession and get a good job. OH! I forgot something really important. There are many non workers who call those who do work... NOT FRUM!!! WHY is all I'm asking why are they not frum. is it because they are actually doing there part in life? Besides just saying they are not frum they are disrespecting those who are donating money to a Kollel so you can sit and learn. And that goes back to the Yisachar Zevulun thing. I think I end it here before I give myself a heart attack. (Deep breath... just take deep breaths).

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frumskeptic said...

Its like in Israel when the Charedim say how they get absolutely nothing from the secular Jews and they live on their own..Um...NO charedi people, The Israeli "secular" (MO and workers are also in that category) are actually the ones that are doing EVERYTHING for your community. THe Israeli government feeds and clothes these people. THey provide them with healthcare and everything without getting any appreciation for it!

Same with Kolel... They think of workers as "working bums" but in reality its the "bums" that are feeding their lazy butts and preventing them from starving. ITs the workers that actually want Jewish life to LIVE (no amount of learning will pass down Torah/Tradition if all these guys kids' die of malnutrition and other poverty related deaths).

Seriously... Now I'm gonna need to take a bunch of deep breaths. such CHUTZPAH "NOT frum" errr

Moshe said...

Becoming a rebbi is not learning?! Wow! That's absolutely against what they themselves teach in gemara.

My friend is a good example of what those who want to learn are supposed to do. Finished Mir, spent 2 more years there as a bochur. Got married, 2 more years in kollel. Was also teaching while going to kollel. Afterwords, found a law school that will accept yeshiva credits and recently got his license and opened his own firm.

Moshe said...

I wonder who's gonna get more schar, those of us who work and go to daf yomi every day, or the kollel people who look down on everyone not like them while using their and gov't money.

Mikeinmidwood said...


Its in isreal too. Thanks for pointing that out. I thought they might be on a higher level.


I think the ones who work have more schar for various reasons I dont want to get into.

The Babysitter said...

Yea, I agree with you on this one. College should not be looked at as derogatory and that your a goy for going...I've been in this situation. To make a long story short, my HS teacher tried to convince me every day since she found out I was going to college, not to go. Of course it didn't work out, and I went anyways, but it was torture those weeks listening to her attempts at making me feel guilty and changing my mind.

Mikeinmidwood said...


She tried to make you feel guilty. Is this a BY school?

The Babysitter said...

MikeInMidwood: yea, it was a BY type of school, very frum...

Ahuva K said...

For the record, I refuse to date guys who have NOT gone to college. And I attended a Bais Yaakov.