Thursday, June 12, 2008


An all to common word used by us Jews to describe anything gone just a little out of balance and make it blown up into one of the worst things so you think all is lost. That word (as stated above) is "CRISIS". Yes CRISIS is a crisis and one day it will consume just about everything we say.

I call it the "CRISIS CRISIS". (which is extremely hard to say 10 times fast)...(did you try it now?) We have too many things with "CRISIS" THE SHIDDUCH CRISIS, THE BUGS IN WATER CRISIS, STRAWBERRY CRISIS, INTERMARRIAGE CRISIS,even a YESHIVA CRISIS,and one day maybe a genetic pig CRISIS(see frum skeptic for details). (please forgive me if I forgot any of these extremely important CRISIS'S). Cant we find a better word for it than CRISIS. A "difficulty" would be nice to have, then maybe we can find a solution for it or a "problem" that is better than having a "crisis".

THE YESHIVAH CRISIS is not one at all. The most it could be is that some people cant afford tuition and get a break of some sort. The crisis business starts from one person writing about it in the newspaper so word gets out and then everyone thinks its the worst thing ever in Jewish history. I think I will try my hand at this Crisis stuff. (watch out it could become a real CRISIS).

THE HEAT WAVE CRISIS: too many heat waves are causing us to use more energy and pay more on the electric bill, how will we afford the GAS CRISIS which is a real crisis. Someone start a tzedakah for this.
As I stated before the CRISIS CRISIS: The word crisis is used to describe disastrous things. Websters dictionary or some other, defines crisis as "a condition of instability or danger, as in social, economic, political, or international affairs, leading to a decisive change".That is not what we call a crisis. Our definition is used for any minor thing and yet it has the same meaning and power of the normal crisis definition. Someone please explain.

We have used it too much and now have worn out the word it . I myself have used it a numerous amount of times through out this post. Its time to give it a rest and bury the word for it has served its purpose and went way beyond the call of duty or definition.

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Anonymous said...

Shidduch crisis is a crisis inasmuch as if one is committed to Torah umitzvos, there is no outlet to release his/her pent up sexual frustration (well, if someone is not on quite such a madreiga, manual stimulation works). In this regard, a term "crisis" is legitimate, a person is sort of stuck. Many other instances cited by the author do not qualify as crises, I fully agree.

Mikeinmidwood said...

Not sure how to answer that one.