Wednesday, February 4, 2009


All my life I haven't really known what I was; I always knew I was Jewish, but what type of Jew was I? Ashkenazi or sfardi? that one I answered; I am an ashkenazi and sphardi, I observe both minhagim somehow.

But what type of Jew am I? At the young age of five years old, I came to the realization that my family wasn't like all the other frum families the Morahs spoke about. When I was at some other young age I had a friend, this friend was a real frummie. One day he asked me am I frum, I did not know what frum meant, (I thought it meant that you are a mean/bad person) so I told him no, then I asked what it meant. Shortly after I started seeing less and less of him, till the point that I never did. I knew I was not like his family, and I learnt I am frum, but what type? After many years I decided to take the test and here are my results (I barely passed, nothing over 66%).

Left Wing Modern Orthodox:27% Right Wing Modern Orthodox:63%

Left Wing Yeshivish/Chareidi:66% Right Wing Yeshivish/Chareidi:41%

The Orthodoxy Test says that I'm Huh?

What does it mean? I give up. What are you?

The Orthodoxy  Test -- Create and Take a Fun Quiz @'s User Tests!

And the search continues, but I will always be Jewish

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Child Ish Behavior said...

dude, I think you did the second best post with the orthodoxy test, I have to put mine first ;)

Something Different said...

Does it really matter?

Rabbi Lars Shalom said...

odd, a far right and then a left??

comfortablynumb said...

Im also Huh.In case judaism doesnt have enough sects or labels we should start another for all the huh people.

Mikeinmidwood said...

Child Ish Behavior


Something Different

yes, how would be labeled into boxes.

Rabbi Lars Shalom

but I'm sort of in the middle of that.

Comfortably Numb

I'll name it Modern Yeshivish Hashkafa. If you choose another name it will only make things more complicated.

Mikeinmidwood said...
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Moshe said...

Mine was also "Huh".

Mikeinmidwood said...


I am not like you, someones got to make a whole new test..

Moshe said...

Or are you

Mikeinmidwood said...