Monday, February 9, 2009


I was at this sholom zachor a while back. I knew the guy somewhat, and I was in the area, so I went (sorry Moshe not referring to you). I went in, and heard loud, loud singing (off key of course), but they were awesome. They sang just about everything; I believe they were drunk. I said my mazal tov and stuck around a little bit, to marvel at the site.

I have been to many shalom zachor's, none of them had any singing going on like this, if any at all. The atmosphere was pretty light, not like those tense shalom zachors were everyone is afraid to eat anything unless the ba'al simcha forces it down their throat. No, this one was good, the food was almost gone when I came, except the mint chocolate tray.

Things I noticed about a shalom zachor, and at any sort of simcha but especially a shalom zachor, is that there are always the assortments of mint chocolate that no one really like to touch. Some of them are; the jelly ring covered in mint chocolate, the mint chocolate with a disgusting filling, next to that is, the mint chocolate (sort of like a chocolate chip) with the sprinkles on it; no one likes them at all, don't know why everyone buys them.

Also at any simcha you will have the old guy (they tend to be old) who is worried about the children near the drinks (alcohol). As some kid is trying to snatch a cup of Bartenura, or some bad dry wine from Baron Herzog, this guy will say "hey wheres your father, you cant have that" as he snatches the bottle or cup away from the kid. These guys never enjoy the simcha they are at.

Well this shalom zachor was different, none of those old guys (maybe that explains the wild kids), but the mints where there, and it definitely was one shalom zachor to remember.

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Talmudist said...

The trick with subverting the 'concerned old guy' is to pour the date rape drug into his seltzer before the simcha gets going.

Mikeinmidwood said...


Or dont invite him, but yours sounds easier and fun.

Sally Hazel said...

And every simcha ( not just shalom zachor) has some sort of inedible winkie-like colorful and fun-shaped candy that no one, including kids, wants to eat which is part of a sweets platter...

Mikeinmidwood said...

Sally Hazel

I dont even know why people buy these things no one eats, dont they know that its not going to be eaten. I guess people think it wont be a simcha without the untouchable products.

Moshe said...

Shoulda came to mine. Didn't have the old guy, we don't have one in shul, period, and no inedible crap. I only buy what I myself would eat.
No singing but it was loud and fun.