Monday, February 2, 2009


That's right, I finally got around to writing about THE EVENT. So once again the famed Lipa Shmeltzer is going at it again, with his new event, "The Event". I have just a few questions. The Event sounds a little weird, don't ya think. I understand Big Event, its just one of the big events going on in the world. But The Event? that seems very in your face, as in the only event worth going to all year, is the super bowl not an event enough to be THE EVENT?

I would buy tickets to go, but I am afraid I wont get my moneys worth. Let me explain. Whats stopping it from being banned like the BIG EVENT? Is there anything different than the last one? Its in the same place, and almost on the same date. The rabbanim (or frum Mafia) will somehow put a stop to it, and then I will lose my money. Or does the fact that he named his last album Poshiter Yid make him all humble, and then his event wont be canceled.

No one really knows why his big event last year was canceled. It was in the paper for the next few weeks on why the rabbanim banned him. Something about fake signatures, or not knowing at all about what they were signing, and there was supposed to be a meeting to discuss it, which never ended up happening, and it was banned anyway. Some say the secret Frum Mafia got behind it, and put a stop to him for an unknown reason (did he not want to give them a 25% cut?). Who's to say it wont happen again; therefore, I am not going to buy a ticket to his concert.

What ever the case maybe, I think that Lipa made the wrong choice about making another EVENT. I also think that he made a bad choice with the name he picked for it, but Lipa is Lipa and it somehow all works out the Lipa way.

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Originally From Brooklyn said...

I got to say I disagree. I don't think this one will not happen like the last one. Though on the money's worth thing, that is for each person to decide, and you have obviously told everyone what you think, have fun spending your money on something else.

Ookamikun said...

See, the Elders of Zion already won. Now they got you scared that the event will be canceled like last time.

Something Different said...

I wasn't sure I chap either. Hello, do you think we all forgot?

Mikeinmidwood said...

Child Ish

You argue on everything.


fail to see how

Something Different

Thats it no one forgot.

Anonymous said...

Humm okay, no clue which event you are referring to. Been away from Brooklyn way too long. :D