Wednesday, November 5, 2008


Today was a normal day in the frum community. Obama was elected to become president by our nation. The first thing I heard today was from a Jewish lady. She came out of her house asking "who won?" and I said "Obama did". She gives me a look and says "Hashem would never do such a thing". I held myself back from laughing in her face. Next I heard a guy singing G-d save America (parody of G-d bless America). So I asked him why do you sing this song of depression. He says "Obama won yesterday why shouldn't I be singing this". I gave him a piece of my mind. "Why do you think Obama is bad. Is it because he is black" I ask. He says "yes". I say you're a racist. He agreed. I say your an idiot (he doesn't agree). He says "no its bad for all Jews, since Obama is black and all the black people will start doing whatever they want since Obama will pardon them. I said "You re an idiot" again and left.

Then I got the person who felt like he wanted to leave America. I ask "where are you going to go?" He said "anywhere Obama wont create another Holocaust". I didn't want to deal with this guy. I also bumped into a person who believes Moshiach will come because of Obama. I asked him "Why" figuring I would get to add another dumb answer to my list of why Moshiach and Obama go hand in hand.

Here is my list. Moshiach will come when Obama becomes president because: When Muslims will rule the world Moshiach will come and Obama is a Muslim even though he goes to church every Sunday. 2) in Tanach it talks about Gog And Magog and if you take enough letters and pick and choose the right words in no specific order it says Obama is the ultimate cause of moshiach. 3) Because of some famous Mekubal who no one is able to remember his name said that Obama is the reason moshiach will come because he (and this a mix of two answers) is black and a black cant rule a country and if he does it means Moshiach. even though most African countries for the past 3000 years and more have had black rulers. 4) because a huge war is supposed to happen throughout the whole world and Obama is planning this war. 5) because Obama wants to create another Holocaust and we say never again so it must be Moshiach is coming. 6) This is the one I heard today. It says in Navi if someone who wants to distribute the wealth (of course it doesn't say this straight out you have do Gematrias) and he is black and Muslim, Moshiach is going to destroy him. (By the way all these answers were truly said). So to all those who said Obama is bringing moshiach I asked "than why don't you want Obama to win? don't you want Moshiach?" and to this they were all stunned, all except one who said that this is not the way Moshiach should come.

This is what frummies think today. I am more scared with their answers than Obama with a shotgun.

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Anonymous said...

LOL. You have some nutty people in your community, and I thought my community had some meshuggas. :-D

MAK said...

Meh, my father wants to leave the country too...I asked where to, he said Australia, but it's probably socialist there too. I told him to just wait till the moon is open for inhabitaion. Other than that...ppl are not sensible when it comes to politics, they may think they are, but that's delusion on their part. He's been elected, and unless he makes a huge catastrophic mistake, we;re stuck with him....unless some states want to secede from the union, in which case we have another civil war on our hands. I don;t think, anyone wants that on top of everything else.

Anonymous said...

I really wish I was also in Brooklyn right now. Not only would I have a field day, I could have even more heated discussions about Europeans social systems versus Americans broken systems than I did back in September.

Still, I applaud you sir.

Mikeinmidwood said...


So where is your community?


"Other than that...ppl are not sensible when it comes to politics, they may think they are, but that's delusion on their part".
We are talking about some of the dumbest people in politics. Frummies. So of course they dont have a clue as to how things work.


Thanks for agreeing at least someone is on my side.

Ookamikun said...

If frummies actually had a normal education in yeshiva/BY and learned about what the president can and can't do, they wouldn't be saying this bs.

Anonymous said...

I am curious to see how this all turns out. There are some worrisome aspects about Obama but ultimately everything is left up to a higher authority. Luckily we also have a government with a system of checks and balances. As for Moshiach coming- I'm ready!!

Mikeinmidwood said...


100% agreed.

mrs. lakewood falling down

For checks and balances refer to what moshe said about frummies and why they dont know anything. On being ready for Messiah I am not.

Anonymous said...

What a compilation!

Mikeinmidwood said...



frumskeptic said...

They think he's bad because he's black??

Seriously, I've heard my share of racist jokes in reference to Obama, but they were the cheesy type. Nothing in particular because he's BLACK per se.

punk- Its nice how you have socialist systems in Europe, but in 1776 the colonists formed a Union and declared independence from the English system, specifically because they DIDN"T want to have such systems.

And MANY of us would like to keep it this way.

moshe- YES, there are MANY things a president can/cannot do, but if you realize, they (the Dems) have got congress as well. They can screw us ALOT in the next two years (I have faith Republicans will win some seats then).

Pre-Obama win they were drafting a plan to take out the tax deduction to 401k plans, and now that Obama won, they're getting cocky and already drafting ideas to universalize 401k's and IRA's.

The government cant fix social security, why the hell do they think they'd be better at managing PERSONAL stuff?

They can do ALOT of damage in two years. Don't underestimate this.

I'm praying...ALOT...and not cuz he's black, but because of his policies. Had he been a black Republican, I'd be very calm.

Mikeinmidwood said...


I agree with you.