Monday, November 3, 2008


There are some fellow Jews who obviously know nothing about the elections and have decided to fast today and hold tehillim rallies so that Hashem can make their votes count and then they can say they did their part to vote. oops!. No, if you thought they were doing this to make their votes count you are dead wrong. Its actually so that Hashem wont let Obama become president of the United states. Why are these people actually going into mourning over these elections? Well its obvious that these people think that Obama is going to destroy the world or kick out all the Jews from America. I have heard that if Obama is elected guys from Chabad are going to rip their shirts another sign of mourning.

I on the other hand I don't want Obama to win since I prefer McCain but if Obama is president its not so bad. Do you think people should go so far to fast and hold tehillim rallies over the fact that Barack Obama might be elected? There was a guy from Chicago who said that if Obama becomes president he is moving out of the united states and into Monsey (joke). Seriously are people that crazy?

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Moshe said...

One of my shabbat meal guests said that he was in a building in the city and a black delivery man was asked to sign in and show his id at the entrance. The guy was very upset and muttered under his breath, November 4th.

To these and those, nothing's gonna happen. America's a democracy and the president's not a king. He's not gonna have an anti-discrimination hotline, straight to his cell, that blacks can call to bring down the fist of justice on the evil white devil. He's also not gonna give America over to the Muslims or any other such nonsense. And as far as Lubavitch go, he wants to add more financial aid. So shouldn't they like him?

Mikeinmidwood said...


"And as far as Lubavitch go, he wants to add more financial aid. So shouldn't they like him?"
Actually no youre thinking of the guys in williamsburg.

The Babysitter said...

I'm looking at peoples FB status's now, and I think everyone is over reacting, their all saying that their gonna leave the country, and that look what the world has come to and.... there was actually one status that I thought was clever, that said: "****did not vote for obama but is happy dat after 150 yrs marking da end of slavery da black man has finally come on top. lets hope for da best."

Moshe I agree with you, nothing's gonna happen, I would think. I just think everyone likes excitement so they like to make big deals out of everything. That's why fraud and stuff is so exciting for some.

Anonymous said...

i swear that obama will be president, b/c he's going to win all the big states like CA, NY, FL, etc.
The only hope for McCain is TX.

Mikeinmidwood said...

Anon From 08 nov. 08

Dude, it happened already.