Sunday, September 28, 2008


First up is the shopping. Its dangerous out there watch your back. If you have ever seen the pre x-mas shopping or the piling up on supplies for an expected snowstorm (which are shockingly crazy) it is those two combined. People screaming and running, stealing, pushing (this ain't helping you for the new year), children, guys on bluetooth, its all that in a crowded little spot with carts that don't fit the isles. People getting stepped on a tug-a-war for a little jar of honey or sugar, children crying for their mommies and men asking for the whole holiday list (which they forgot) on a cellphone. For a real good explanation on what happens checkout Frumcolleggirl she experienced the worst.

Then comes the Shuls. Over at Frumsatire he questions whether you should pay for seats if you are already a member. I don't know why and I think I agree that you shouldn't have to pay if you are already a member of the shul. Since I live in a community which really doesn't care about being a member to a certain shul, their is no doubt that you you pay for a seat. Then comes the aliyahs which are sold through a bidding. What happens if no one wants to buy an aliyah do they give em out for free?

I have heard that many shuls want an attraction to the shul for the High holidays. So they get a very good chazzan. My opinion on the chazzan is the better he is at chazzonus means the slower we go, now that's a big turn off for me. Dont know what the shuls are thinking. A good Shofar blower now that's an attraction the longer the Tekiah the better. I think it should be a halacha that you can only have a good shofar blower. If hes bad people will say loshon hara about him and that will ruin the chances of getting written in the good book.

After the holiday is over you have a new holiday to prepare for and only four days to do it. Sukkos. And you'll have fun finding the kosher esrog which maybe a little hard this year due to shmittah and building a temporary dwelling for yourself. Well to all have a happy healthy pre new year and (post) new year.

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frumcollegegirl said...

thanks for the plug, man

Mikeinmidwood said...

Youre welcome.

Jewish Side of Babysitter said...

Have a happy new year to you too.

I agree about the chazzunim, I can't stand the slow chazzunis.

Anonymous said...

mike: in some shuls you don't even have to buy a seat. like my shul on Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur we'll have about 36 people. So the shul is filled up already, nobody buys a seat. if you dont have a shul to go to, everyone goes to this shul

oh, by the way i wish everyone a kesivah v'chasimah tovah

Lion of Zion said...

most shuls are not private businesses and they don't sell seats to make a profit. but running a shul requires $, sometimes lots and lots of it. that $ has to come from somewhere, incl. selling seats. an alternative is to raise membership fees, but people would complain about this too. and it wouldn't work in brooklyn where people are too cheap to join a shul anyway.

agree on the chazzanim 100%

shanah tovah u-metukah

Mikeinmidwood said...

Sam/Lion O Zion

There are places that dont sell at all. Those are only really small shuls. Its not most shuls ecause most shuls do have a price on the seats.

And Have a happy healthy sweet new year to everyone.

MAK said...

I am so glad I went shopping WAY before the chagim, so I didn't have to worry about that, and considering that we're not a member of any shul, and as far as I know, at every shul near me you have to purchase seats, I'm not complaining. The chazzan was fine...I don't think that the shul brought anyone in, I think he was a local guy. I am SO glad I live in SF. A lot less confusing.