Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Studies on YWN and VIN commenters

VIN and YWN have been the source of ridicule amongst the Jewish websites. It seems that if anyone is poking fun of any site its usually one of these two. It has come into question as to why people cant help but laugh at whats written in their comment sections, and post them up on blogs and Facebook profiles.

A recent study done by the National Committee for Spotting Stupidity (NCSS) came to prove the theory that the commentators on YWN and VIN are completely blind sighted when it comes to reading the news. Their lack of respect for fellow commentators has been shocking, at any given point in a day there is hate, and coffee, being spilled in their coffee rooms. Many have come to call other commentators such terms as, Shygetz, Anti-semite, Goy, Nazi, Mashiach stopper, and Shygetze mashiach stopping goy, and many more such terms. But the hate is not the only thing bringing people from all walks of Judaism to laugh at these sites, The NCSS has taken a poll that has shown that the average VIN commenter has a stupidity rating of 67% that is light years above the stupidity of the national commenting average which stands at 38%. But what is even more shocking about the NCSS's study is that the average YWN commenter is 12 points ahead in stupidity compared to a VIN commenter, YWN stands at a whopping 79% in stupidity, an earth shattering point.

After hearing these latest announcements from the NCSS a YWN commenter had this to say "What can we do? we Frum Jews are removed from society, its the non frum Jews who should have better morals" and when asked what happened to being a light onto nations he responded with "Its all because we done have a strict enough tznius level, if only we were to wear cardboard boxes we would be passed this nisayon, hashem yirachem. I better give two dollars to kupat ha'ir so this halachah can be passed and our yeshua can come".

With the mystery out of the way we can only look to the future to tell us if they will be stupid and keep to what they are doing, or they will find a more civilized and less foolish way to comment, being that they have such high stupidity rate their chances look bleak.

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G6 said...

Funny :)

Moshe Dovid said...

Interesting post, Mike.

I got so fed up from the lack of respect among Jews on the internet that I made up a whole blog just to combat this terrible phenomenon. I think that the problem is all over the web. I won't mention any sites by name in my blog, but somes sites are definitely worse than others. The blog is called ADARABAH. If you are interested you can get to it from my profile. It's on the serious side so far, but I plan on lightening things up as I go along.

My blog only deals with the incivility and lack of respect. Maybe you can make up a new blog dedicated to fighting the stupidity.

Mikeinmidwood said...


Im flattered.

Moshe Dovid

I dont think I'll dedicate a whole blog to just that, Ill keep my lighter side posts on this blog with everything else I'm writing on here, I dont know what i'd do if it were only one topic the whole time.

Anonymous said...

Cardboard boxes, why didn't I think of that?

Mikeinmidwood said...


Did you wanna think of that?

NonymousG said...

reading the comments section on VIN makes me truly believe that Mashiach will come to save us, not because we have earned his arrival.

Mikeinmidwood said...

Yes, it can do that to you.

ProfK said...

The VIN and YWN comments lead me to wonder if there is actually an educational system that the commenters grew up under. It's clear that whatever that system taught it wasn't the principles of English, of logic, math, science, history or economics. The system also seems not to have taught actual halacha. And for sure the system taught nothing about etiquette, neither secular or religious. Oh well, at least VIN and YWN keeps these people mostly off of the other blogs.

Mikeinmidwood said...


Mot taught halacha either, I think they were but it was distorted by some machmir people.

NonymousG said...

it is a great laugh to read though!

Mikeinmidwood said...