Tuesday, April 22, 2008


It happened the Thursday before Pesach. My family was going out to eat at a famous restaurant joint on eighteenth Ave. and Coney Island. My phobic brother begins tensing up over how crowded the place is and procedes to inject negative comments every so often ranging from how there's no way we are getting a table to the food itself. I was suprised to see how many chassidim filled the place but anyhow, I assertively grab the next free table. My brother though, continues his negativity complaining that the place is a mosh pit? Personally, I was unfamiliar with the term. He was still going on asking how we could possibly eat there what with the guys behind the counter using their hands to then dump the food on the plates. Annoyed with his attitude, everyone decided we should just leave. (Why we felt driven to actually leave because of him I still cannot figure out.)

My brother decided we should go for pizza instead. (That would make it the fifth night in a row having pizza.) At half past ten I exclaim that there is no way the place he wants to go to is open but he reasons that no place in their right mind would close anytime before one AM on erev Pesach. For some reason though we find ourselves actually heading to the pizza place passing a Shnitzel place on the way. I suggested we just go there but apparently that place was his third choice. Nevermind that it was open, avaible, relatively empty and right there... So we get to the pizza place and it was of course closed. (Beleive it or not it's one of the few pizza joints left selling two dollar slices.) We leave and find ourselves passing a kosher Subway. At that point I was willing to eat anything and exclaimed that we just go there... At the end of this whole fiasco we end up in good old dependable Pizza Nosh. We finally got a pie, and went home.

I guess we were destined to have pizza every night that week. (I don't think I could look at another slice..) Now it's Pesach though and all there is to eat is Matzah (thankfully we eat gebrukts.) Honestly though, people should wish others an easy Passover the way we do with fasts...

So everyone, have an easy Pesach.

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Jewish Side of Babysitter said...

That's a shame you had to leave cause of your brother. It can be annoying when people are negative all the time. I can so picture that scene.
Pizza nosh is the best I hear.
That's a funny idea about wishing people a easy Pesach, but with the fasts, I never say "have an easy fast" cause that's not what its about. So instead I say "Have a meaningful and easy fast" The meaningful part more important. So same here, if you focus on the meaning of Pesach, the matzah part shouldn't be too hard to stomach.

Mikeinmidwood said...

I too say have a meaningful fast but Pesach is all about the meaning so I thought an easy Pesach was best. Thanks for commenting.

Jewish Side of Babysitter said...

That's true, good point!
So have an easy 2nd days

Your welcome!

frumcollegegirl said...

mosh pit is slang for the area in front of the stage at rock concerts where people like to mosh-slam into other people. check out my post on moshing: