Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Pesach is coming again. Time to do some backbreaking labor. My house is basically Pesach-ready besides for the one table designated for chametz...y'know the best thing about Pesach cleaning is getting to find all the things you lost in the past year- like keys (of course you already changed the lock because you lost the key...,) random pieces of silverware that got stuck behind the oven, and even money! The labor has gotta be thorough yet conveniently it helps you sympathize with what the Jews in Mitzrayim must have felt like.

Onto Pesach food. I bet Schick's bakery in Boro Park sold more cake than the amounts of Matzah sold in all of Brooklyn. Why do people want all this cake? Pesach cake is tolerable at best. Then there's the Matzah aspect itself. It is called poor man's bread yet why on earth does it cost so much? Thirty dollars a box- that's crazy. Don't even get me started on current pizza prices...

Back to Pesach though. The pre-pesach tasks are many, including B'dikas Chametz, searching for the ten pieces of chometz using the spoon and the feather...Oorah used to mail those out to everyone (Don't know if they still do?) One year it's arrival was delayed and was going to come on Pesach which was quite catastrophic since they even sent ten complimentary pieces of chometz! Then of course, you've got to burn the chometz and this makes the fire department go nuts. They make you stop burning it and you really never finish destroyin' that chometz. And this year is a little different- you got Pesach right after Shabbos so even after burning the chometz you have to flush it on Shabbos with the plastic you used, which causes an overflow and one big pre-Pesach mess!

Then theres motzie Pesach- everyone rushing out to buy Pizza as soon as it's over. You could go to practically any pizza store at all and the line will be out the door. People are literally there for hours. Last year a person bought the first pie at Pizza time for a really high price for tzedaka. (something like eight hundred dollars but hey that's about the normal price for a pie there now...)


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Jewish Side of Babysitter said...

1- about the poll with the pizza, you need another option. E) doesn't affect me.

2- thanx for reading my blog

3- about Pesach, come to think of it I don't remember getting any of those kits in the mail this year.
You know they have garbage trucks that will be in major areas to collect the chometz before Shabbos starts, so you don't have to flush it down.

I remember they sold the first pie of pizza from pizza time on e-bay last year. I thought that was hysterical.

Anonymous said...

I actually found $200 I had forgotten in a handbag from when I went on vacation in January.

I never heard that story about Oorah sending the chometz (are you sure it wasn't a different organization)It's just that I have a friend that works there so I'm sure I would have heard about it.

Every year my aunt used to go wait on line for Pizza on Motzei Pesach by the time she came back with it we had already eaten mac n' cheese and nobody was in the mood for pizza anymore. She eventually gave up and just got pizza the next day.