Monday, April 14, 2008


This crisis talk is really getting on my nerves. Everywhere you look you come across the topic. I think the only reason there is a crisis to begin with is because when people go out and meet a nice person all these different "questions" have to be so focused on. Like where do you learn ...(Okay I guess that one is normal.) But why should college equal outcast? If you go to uh..."Fakewood" and say thats what you're doing forget it they'll chase you out of town.

Then if you get passed stage one with the going out, it's on to what are you going to do for parnasa. So a guy has to wonder, if I go learn I won't have much money but if I say I'll work this pairing is out the window because everyone needs a masmid (learner). And the learning is often expected to go on for at least two or three years minimum or until you have a kid or two.

If you really want to learn you better hope this girl's father is supporting you, otherwise you have to find some shnooky work to keep you afloat. However, then ya got in-laws who will say maybe he wasn't right for her... (behind your back of course). Plus after asking you all the "questions," they'll just go ahead and re-ask the shadchan. And they'll ask just everything- height, weight, family "diseases..." ("Did you have the chickenpox yet?")
Well there's your explanation for this crisis...with a shebang like this how can there not be one.

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fan said...

yeh i guess the guy has to decide if hes gonna be a learner or a worker wayyy in advance!