Wednesday, August 12, 2009


I recommend that everyone see the movie Defiance. It was by far the best movie Ive seen all year. If you didn't know, the movie is about 4 brothers, by the name of Bielski, who lead a group of Jews escaping from the Nazis. They create a whole community in the forest for refugees, and make a small army to protect themselves (by the way this is based on a true story). The movie was just amazing in every single way, and No! its not a waste of your time to see it.

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Lion of Zion said...

i didn't like the movie at all.

(i was upstate 2 weeks ago and went to a talk by a historian who was the first to write about them.)

smb said...

I think it has a great message about people sticking together

I saw the trailer, I like where one of them says, "Our survival is our revenge" or s/t like that

Mikeinmidwood said...

Lion O Zion

I have never heard someone say that, why was it not that great in your opinion?


Yes it was that, and more I say watch it.

Lion of Zion said...

i thought the actors were miscast. the acting left a lot to be desired (and some of the accents were ridiculous). the fighting scenes (especially the tank scene) were poorly choreographed and reminded me of a b-movie.

as far as the historical portrayal: what was different about the bieslki bros. isn't just that they sheltered non-combatants (as opposed to other partisan groups), but that they recreated "normal" communal lives for them in the forests. there were schools, libraries, cultural activities, etc. on the one hand they were struggling to survive in the face of germans, collaborators, hunger, disease, etc., but at the same time tried to be "normal." this did not come through in the movie.

frum single female said...

i really liked the movie. since it was a movie certain parts were hollywoodized, but the fact these brothers were able to do what they did was amazing, and an important story to have been told . more people will spend 2 hrs watching a movie then read a book.

Mikeinmidwood said...

Lion O Zion

The movie only showed the first year, which was historically correct, only in the later years did they actually have a real community.

Frum Single Female

I actually want to read the book now that I saw the movie.