Sunday, August 16, 2009


Have you ever been to a wedding/bar\bat mitzvah/vort/shalom zachor/bris/or anything else you can think of that invites a lot of people to say mazel tov? If yes than you can honestly say that nobody likes cutting into the cakes. It can be the most delicious cake ever and nobody will touch it, then it all goes to waste because nobody wanted it, as my mother used to say, "They worked so hard to get it to where it is, the coco beans from Venezuela and this from here and yadda yadda yadda.... and you still wont eat it!". And the reason for nobody eating it is pretty simple, they don't want to make the first cut, and I don't understand why. Its not because its a beautiful cake, its just because nobody wants to be the first one to cut a slice for themselves. Why dont they make a preset cut, like they do to cheese, that way everyone wont feel guilty when they take a piece.

Also; if you have been to a either a wedding/bar\bat mitzvah/vort/shalom zachor/bris/ or anything else you can think of that invites a lot of people to say mazel tov, then what you will notice is that there are always the assortments of mint chocolate that no one really like to touch. Some of them are; the jelly ring covered in mint chocolate, the mint chocolate with a disgusting filling, next to that is, the mint chocolate (sort of like a chocolate chip) with the sprinkles on it; no one likes these at all, don't know why everyone buys them either.

Despite this people buy the cakes and assortments of mint chocolate, hoping that someone will finish it off, I dont understand why you would want to ruin your simchah with the fact that you have to throw good food out.

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G6 said...

I agree with you, and at all of the simchas that I have made I DO pre-cut the cake and slide the first slice on to the server to "get things going".

I also plunk the serving spoon INTO the trifles, so nobody is afraid of "messing them up".

It definitely makes a difference.

Barb Chansky said...

Hey, hands off chocholate mints - they are my favorite:) As for the other, considering the usual water buffalo manners typically exibited during those affairs, it is indeed amuzing to observe the reluctance to mess up the cake or a trifle. I, of course, never have such qualms - provided I actually persuade myself to go to begin with.

frum single female said...

im with you . if the cakes are there they are meant to be eaten!

Anonymous said...

There's no feeling like the one you have after taking a handful of chocolate lentils and finding out they are MINT lentils.

And I think the things with the sprinkles might be called nonpareils, although I'm not sure they come in mint.

And is there a more heimishe food than chocolate lentils? I have never seen them in a non-heimishe environment. M&Ms are so much better.

Moshe said...

The reason I don't like cutting anything, at a simcha or at home is that I'm just too lazy. That's why I buy breakaway challahs.

As far as weird crap that nobody likes, you should've came to NY's sholom zohor. I only get what I like not what's the "minchag" to get. My party, my rules.

Mikeinmidwood said...


I believe you are th only bar ( or bas) simcha that actually caught on.

Barb Chansky

My mother also likes the mints, not too many others that do.


I hate that feeling. whenever I have some schnopps and want to taste something with it right after I usually take a chocolate, but when its mint it doesnt go right.


Im right with you dont buy the crap no one eats.

lvnsm said...

I've been to simchas like that where people don't want to take the first cut.

I think that if it's not going to be eaten, then it should be given to a place that gives it to others.

Mikeinmidwood said...


I think they have some organization like that.