Wednesday, September 16, 2009


I hope everyone liked the superpower meme, it seems like everyone is enjoying it.... oh you did like it, well you're welcome or uhh... thank you.

Now to the post.

It was not too long ago that I stepped into the source of judaica (a judaica store) and I had a very unpleasant experience. I decided I needed a new pair of tzitzis and a new kippah in honor of rosh hashanah, being that I was going anyway I was asked to get some for by brother too. So I went to the nearest judaica store. As I was searching for a kippah that fit, trying many on to see if I want with a rim, no rim, 6 part, or 4 part, one of the guys from register came over to me and asked me, wait scratch that, told me "You're done, come and you'll pay for it". Now this wasn't at anytime near when they close so I have no clue why he was rushing me, but anyhow I looked at him and said, "Actually I'm not done, so I'm not going to pay yet" he seemed a little annoyed. Then I called my brother to ask what type of kippah he would like, the guy at the register (he walked back) was eyeing me for some stupid reason, maybe he thought I was going to pocket a kippah and not pay for it.

After I got my kippot, I went to look for some tzitzit, now this time as I was walking past him he said "okay lets pay for what you've got" and once again I said "Actually I'm still not done yet" and then he sighed, who in the world does that in front of a customer. I looked for some tzitzit, I tried some on and chose what I wanted, then I decided to take my sweet time getting to the register, just to annoy him.

Now this is some service that I didn't like, why was he rushing me? why was he giving the evil eye to me? why did he want to have me pay for things when I could buy more?

Now I am not someone to leave you with a bad story, so I would like to tell you that I walked into the 7-11, that has shown racism, the one on avenue M, and I actually came out with a smile this time all because of the service. So you see people, especially now that rosh hashanah is coming, you should give everybody a smile and treat them nicely because it can leave an impression on them, and if you don't then they might not go back to your store.

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Judaica Store said...

Well Mike,

After I read half of your post, I said to myself:"He surly lives in Israel, what kind of Judaica sales person will do such a thing?! and on Rosh Hashanah..."; When I finished reading it, I realized it was in the US, which made me wonder even more, as its suppose to be the best service providers. Weird dude, annoying, and disrespectful. This is not how a fellow person should act to another, not to mention he was a Jewish. Shanah Tova U'Metuka from Israel.

Mikeinmidwood said...

Judaica Store

Its funny you should say that, I thought the first place you would think is new york, its got a new york attitude.

G6 said...

Had you forgotten to shower or something?

Yarmulka said...

Kippah is one of the things that connects all Jewish people

Mikeinmidwood said...


I wish the answer was that simple.


Your'e right.

shavuatov said...

You need to high-tail it to Golders Green in London and visit Jerusalem the Golden - they have stunning service! Not to mention a great range of Judaica (and no, I don't work for them, just have experienced their customer service!).


Mikeinmidwood said...


England is too far away for me to take a trip to it.

Anonymous said...

If you live in Midwood, there must be a dozen Judaica stores around in which you could have shopped for your kippot & tzitzit.
When I go into a store and they don't want me or my money, I go elsewhere.

Moshe said...

Where was this?! M? Coney Island? J?

Oh, I know, it was in Eichlers and it was Jacob da Jew. Bad da Jew, bad. ;-)

Mikeinmidwood said...


Im lazy, but dont you worry from now on im not going there.



Mikeinmidwood said...


Im lazy, but dont you worry from now on im not going there.