Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Remember when I made a kosher Harry potter, with kaballah and kishuf instead of magic called Chaim Snyder. I thought it was the most original idea I ever had, I even gave you a few reasons why they might make the new Chaim Snyder series, just for fun. Now I don't know if my post sparked someones imagination or they thought of it first, but they are coming out with a new Kosher Sherlocke Holmes book.

Now this is the truth, I'm not making this stuff up a kosher version of Sherlocke Holmes so Jewish boys can read it. I don't know anything about it, it could very well be that he uses gemaros to solve a mystery, or that he asks a wise rabbi and he gives him the answer through ruach hakodesh, or he goes for the old school style and uses a magnifying glass, I'm not sure what they'll do to make it kosher.

What bothers me is that they actually think there is something wrong with the Sherlocke Holmes of old, I didn't find anything wrong with any of his books besides for the fact that he smokes a pipe, talks to women not behind a mechitzah and has an assistant called doctor and not gabbai, okay maybe that is a reason to change the book.

As of now I cant find any links to this story, if I find I'll update.

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Lost And Not Yet Found said...

How can one remake a classic.. don't think it'll make much profit.

Moshe said...

Actually, he did a lot of drugs, which is not so bad. Though the one completely un-Brooklyn frummie thing he had was a gun and everyone knows that only goyim have guns.