Thursday, October 23, 2008


The crowd waits for both candidates to come in. McCain walks in. Everyone starts cheering for the modern day hero as he says thank you to the crowd of frummies. Obama walks in. The crowd instantly stops cheering which is then followed by booing and some tomato throwing. Obama does not say thank you. The candidates then take to their podiums. The first question is given to Obama. "Senator "Cough" Muslim "cough" Obama What will you do to settle this financial crisis?"
Obama: "I think we need change from the Bush Administration which my opponent Senator McCain does not give". There is an instant uproar of hate from the crowd and one Frummie runs up on stage and screams "You racist Bush is my Favorite president". This Frummie is now being dragged out by two men in suits.
Order has settled in finally and the same question is given to McCain.
McCain: "Obama is not the only one who can give change I can too and we will work through party lines to fix this. Cheers are heard from all sides". The next question is given.
Senator g-d send McCain what is you're stance on Israel?
McCain: "Israel is our ally and we need to help Israel in all possible ways". The crowd just cant get enough of McCain. (a sideline interview) Here we are talking to a Frummie in the stands what do you think of the candidates? "Well I think McCain isn't as good as Giuliani would be but we do with what we have and I just hate Muslims so that takes care of both". The next question is given to Obama.
Senator Obama and your stance on Israel is?
Obama: "Jerusalem is the undivided capital of Israel". As you expected the crowd hates it all the way. It seems that everyone is chanting "Don't vote for the Palestinian lover"
After 30 minutes of this we go to take questions from the crowd. A Frum woman asks one for Obama. "M.R. Obama what do you think of the fact that when you become president the Messiah will come for us.
Obama: "He will? Uh I mean.. Well I am not sure how to answer that one. But I will tell you what I think will happen if he does not come. I will change this country around to help everyone from the young to old. Obama then gets angry looks from every Frummie in the crowd.
Next a question also from the audience is asked to Senator McCain. "Senator McCain why is it that I like you better than Obama"?
McCain: "Well it seems that you all like everything from the Republican party. You even like my running mate's hair so much you turned into a wig style. As for Obama you don't like him because he is black and you guys are part of the JKK (Jew Klux Klan)". Nods of agreement are seen all over.

The candidates leave and and the debate is over. Lets ask some one what their thoughts are on tonight's debate. We ask a man with a black hat. "I have to say McCain did a way better job when it came to answering and he knows us better, he did mention us being part of the JKK which is true. As for Obama he didn't acknowledge the crowd so he did a poor job". (reporter) "Okay one more question. Did you think the crowd gave Obama a chance"?
(guy with hat) "Of course the crowd did. Just once Obama started lying to everyone they started to hate him".

Now that's it for tonight the next battle between these candidates will be in the voting booth.

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Jewish Side of Babysitter said...

very interesting and great imitation.

Also, if you can change the link on your blog roll from "The Jewish Side of Me" to The Jewish Side

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Thanks and I was planning on Changing it and then forgot sorry. =)

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Your welcome,
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Jacob Da Jew said...

Haha, good one.

Mikeinmidwood said...

It took some good inspiration.

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Great post!

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