Wednesday, July 30, 2008


The president is one of the most useless job in a shul (besides for the vice president). What does the shul president actually do? Yes in most shuls the president does make the announcements, but that's about it. All it is, is a figure head. Someone who is there just to say that's the head and if anything goes wrong blame him or the Rabbi.

That's another thing blaming. For example. The president is not doing anything unless there is a fire, flood, or any other type of destruction. So the source of all problems when there isn't one, is the kiddush club. They blame the president for "not doing his job". How a president isn't doing his job is beyond my knowledge. What is the president supposed to do, greet everyone as they walk in? Don't worry, that's only the kiddush club. They always complain and talk about how to cheat the government and meters (but that's a whole different post).

Beside a president there is a vice president too. Now if you thought the existence of the president was useless the vice president has to be even more and sometimes there is a second vice president (it don't get worse than this). I don't know what the vice president does. In fact I don't even know what a real vice president does.

All these positions mentioned above are worthless and are meant just to be some sort of authority to show that things are under control. Many times (places) things are under control and the shul flows smoothly, other times (places) people are at each others throats waiting for the simplest thing to go wrong and that's when these positions above get hit the most and the rabbi (not the kiddush club that's the one that finds the problems).

Sunday, July 27, 2008


The flight back was a long one, so I got enough sleep. Hopefully I am back on schedule and wont be tired mid-day.

The flight there was good. Even though it was night, you could still see rays of light from the other side of the world since we were flying so far north. That was nice. A few hours later we went south so the rays dissapeared but the light returned quickly by dawn. I really wish I had a camera too bad I put in my suitcase.

It was great and I got tons of new posts including one on Israeli driving. You seriously pray when your on the road. That reminds me do to recent attacks from bull dozers, I didnt like driving near or walking near construction sights.

I went to alot of places like the Kotel and dead sea. I worked on my Hebrew which ain't great but is not bad. I plan on going back some time next year. As for now I need to catch up on this blog.