Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Pizza Store Conversations

Some people go to a Starbucks to drink coffee and get wifi so they can keep up with every ones lives on twitter or facebook. Others get the coffee and wonder about what everyone else is thinking. I'm telling you that if you really want to know what others are thinking and/or want to get the latest buzz on someones life then walk into a Brooklyn pizza store, its as simple as that.

It just so happens to be that this very concept was rudely thrust into my face when I went for pizza the other day with an acquaintance. I sat down behind a guy, probably in his late 20's early thirties, talking to his mother. I didn't even have to turn around to try and figure out what he was talking about or check his status to find out whats the big issue in his life, he simply told me. Okay not really told me, but he said it loud enough for anyone to hear, so its as if he told me.

Me and my acquaintance didn't feel like hearing about his whole life, but this is how it went. He was arguing with his mother over his fathers estate, although it didn't sound like his father was dead yet. He went on to explain how his father treats him like dirt and doesn't invite him to football games. His mother tried telling him that that's not true, but he knew the truth. At one point they were talking about someone else who they knew and did not have a father, and somehow loud mouth in a pizza shop didn't want to "share" his own father with someone else. His mother tried to convince him that this guy needs a father, to which he persistently said " I have a father why should I give up mine to help him out just because he doesn't have one, its not my fault". At this point me and my acquaintance were scratching our heads, didn't he just say that his father treats him like dirt? It went on and on, constantly arguing back and forth on every single subject about family and money to doctors, lawyers and psychologists, and that wasn't the mother boasting about of her sons accomplishments. My acquaintance was speculating about telling them to just shut up because no one wants to hear it, I said I would take a video if he did for proof, it didn't happen in the end and we just left. We did try to make our own little argument to hint to them that arguing in public is rude, and that didn't work too well.

Ahem, right, so getting back to the point if you really want to do what it is i wrote in the opening paragraph, then a Brooklyn pizza store is the place. Do you have any stories of weird conversations you might have been forced to listen to? do tell.

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Mystery Woman said...

You don't even have to hear an actual conversation between two people to get someone's life story anymore. A one sided conversation on a cell phone is just as good. The train is the best place!

G6 said...

Oh yeah!
I'm with mystery woman on this one.

Proud MO said...

No crazy stories, just a note on Brooklyn pizza: when I was younger, I loved Natanya Pizza. We used to go and get their student special after yeshiva on Fridays.

A couple years ago, I saw that the owners (the old Israeli couple) had sold the store, and the quality had gone way down.

I happen to have been in Brooklyn today, and saw that Natanya is now gone. In its place is a 2nd branch of Pizza Nosh.

RIP, Natanya.

Mikeinmidwood said...

Mystery Woman

Yes the train works well and it cant hurt that its located in new york full of people that dont care that anyone else knows their lives.


I know who the bendict arnold is here ;)

Proud MO

I love Pizza Nosh and Im glad I dont have to go all the way to nostrand now that opened up on J. Sorry for your loss.

Mikeinmidwood said...

Just today I heard a conversation on the train between two jewish grandmothers, about how they dont shop at pomegranate, hates glatt mart and doesnt like mountain fruit because they have bad service. So yeah the train is big on convo's.